12 Best online businesses in Nigeria 2018 – updated recently

Here we’ll focus on the best online businesses in Nigeria currently. So, if you want to start a profitable online business in Nigeria that is legit but don’t know which Internet based business are currently a good idea to start with, don’t worry, this post has got you covered. In this post we’ll look at the top 12 online businesses in Nigeria.

Before I start, I will like to specifically tell you what I think is one of the best online business anyone can start in Nigeria now. Note: when I say the best online business in this context it doesn’t include big investment capital intensive businesses like building another Jumia.com.

Now, the thing about the online business I want to talk about is that many Nigerians who tried it quit. Why? Because they started off on the wrong foot! They read the conventional thing everyone says and ended up where other ended up. Some copied American style forgetting that this is Nigeria and not US or UK.

Consequently, I decided I must correct those mistakes so I can help fellow Nigerians in all the way I can to take the right approach to this beautiful online business. Based on this decision of mine, I took my to prepare a 100% free course title Blogging for money in Nigeria. Yes, the online business I am talking about is blogging. If you have tried blogging before and quit, I urge you to read this tutorial: Blogging for money in Nigeria

Note: If you are new into all these make money online thing, I advise you to invest some of your time to learn first. The truth is that building a legit online business that continues to make money online isn’t as easy as some us was made to believe. Online business is just like any other kind of business – businesses fail, businesses succeed. But by learning from good resources, hard work and patience you will be among the successful online entrepreneurs out there.

Top Online Businesses in Nigeria

online business
So, what are the hottest online businesses in Nigeria currently? I’ve gathered 12 of them for you so you can save yourself the time researching and (likely) arriving at the same result. So, let’s look at each of the hot online businesses in Nigeria:

Online Marketing business

Internet marketing
Online marketing is something wide and has inside it a lot of niches and sub-niches. In online marketing business, you make money online by promoting or marketing products and services of your clients or even your own products.

Many business owners out there want to reach to their potential customers but don’t have the right marketing skills to do so. They need someone like you. They look for professional online marketers who can take their products and services across to their potential customers.

If you are experienced in Internet marketing, and you have enough confidence that you can deliver good results, then you already have what it takes to start your own online marketing business here in Nigeria.

However, if you are a newbie and don’t know Internet marketing yet, then you’ll have to spend some time learning it. Marketing is an art. Learn, practice and master it before looking for clients.

Warning! Do not fall victim of the self-acclaimed digital marketing gurus: You see, this is Internet and there are lots of noise and scams out there. A lot of people who claim to be Internet marketing gurus would offer you one online marketing course or another just to get your money. Do not fall victim. Granted, there are Internet marketing experts, however, there are many more fake ones. I would advise you start with free courses, ebooks, etc. on Internet marketing. Also check out online marketing tutorials on YouTube. As for paying for Internet marketing courses, that won’t be a bad idea as well, but, know the reputation and level of expertise of whom you are paying your money to.

I suggest your read this: 10 Tips for starting a profitable online marketing business in Nigeria

Fiverr freelancing online business

Perhaps you too have come across the word Fiverr on the Internet. Fiverr seems to be popular on Facebook these days. I always come across posts by my Facebook friends talking about Fiverr.

Well, what is Fiverr and how can you make money online from it? Fiver is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell. But, in this case we are interested in selling, not buying.

Basically what people do on Fiverr (which you too can do) is they offer different kinds of services and get paid each time they provide those services to buyers.

What kind of services can you sell on Fiverr? Many! The list is becoming endless with people coming up with different ideas or tweaking what is already there. Popular services people sell on Fiverr include Logo design, article writing, videos, SEO, marketing services, web design, eBooks, and so many more other services.

Discover over 20 Top, hot and best Fiverr Gigs for Nigerians

Affiliate marketing online business

Jumia Affiliate program
Affiliate marketing is among the most popular online businesses, both in Nigeria and most other parts of the world. It doesn’t require much to get started, in fact, you can start it free of charge.

What is affiliate marketing and how can you make money with it? In affiliate marketing you promote other people’s products and services and get paid a commission whenever someone buys any of the products or services you promote. The commission is usually paid as a percentage of the price of the product that was sold through your marketing efforts.

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Blogging for money in Nigeria

WordPress dashboard
Personally, I have passion for “Blogging for money” that I created a series of tutorials (specifically meant for Nigerians) on the topic. See the link near the top of this post and get started with no nonsense guide to successful blogging for Nigerians.

Almost everyone knows what blogging is because a lot of people have tested it. Some tried and quit, some held on to it. No matter people’s experiences out there with blogging, blogging is among the best ways you can make money online in Nigeria or elsewhere.

The special thing about blogging is that when it starts generating money, the income is usually steady and more reliable than many other online businesses. However, the thing about blogging is that in many cases it took successful bloggers time to start earning reasonable amount of money from their blog.

The secret to make money with blogging is to discover blog niche that makes money. Must read: discover Top 10 blog niches that get most traffic and money in Nigeria

To start a blog is easy. If you don’t have money, you can start a successful blog free of charge! See how to create a nice blog, 100% FREE

E-commerce online business

Ecommerce in Nigeria keeps growing because many Nigerians are now getting used with buying things online. In ecommerce you sell things online. The products or services you can sell may or MAY NOT be your own products of services.

To start an ecommerce business in Nigeria is easy, the big work is in doing proper business plan. You’ve got do proper research and market analysis to determine what can sell in your city. People sell different things online these days: there are online stores that sell cakes, graphic design works, beauty products, etc. It is all about doing proper business plan before getting started.

Read this: 5 Tips for starting a successful E-Commerce Online Business in Nigeria

WordPress development online business

PHP codes
Millions of websites out there are powered by WordPress. WordPress is by far the platform of choice for building about any kind of website. What this means is a lot of jobs for skilled web developers who can develop WordPress themes and plugins. This business requires knowledge of web design technologies and languages especially HTML, CSS, and PHP.

Graphic Design online business

Apart from being among the most sought after services in online marketplaces, graphic design is one of the best online businesses one can start in Nigeria as a freelancer. The big question here isn’t who will be ready to pay for your services, instead, it is how good are you as a graphic designer.

Graphic design services you can offer include logo design, banner, ads design, business cards design, events banners, etc. But to succeed as a freelancer you can choose to look for clients at online marketplaces like Freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork, etc., or have your own website where you can take time to grow a bigger business for yourself.

Website Design online business

Website homepage
Website design as an online business is basically about building websites, upgrading or troubleshooting already existing websites for both companies and individuals. Many businesses are already online in Nigeria. Individuals, organizations, companies and other businesses are also eager to their websites.

Internet is where the potential customers are, and every business in Nigeria that knows that wants to have a website of their own. This has translated to a lot of business opportunities for competent web designers and developers in Nigeria.

This article is for a web designer or developer: 5 Ultimate ways to make money online as a web developer in Nigeria

Email marketing online business

In email marketing you start by building email list and get many subscribers. That is not where it ends, instead, that is the starting point of your business success. How can you make money with such email list? Promoting or selling your products and services to your subscribers. You can also sell the email list to buyers.

Email marketing is among the most effective strategies to grow loyal customers who keeps coming back. To be more effective in it, don’t just gather any random emails from the web. Make sure you get only the emails of those that might interested in your products or services.
See Excellent resources for starting an email marketing business in Nigeria

Content marketing online business

Content marketing is a tactical way to stimulate people’s interest in a particular product or services. This is similar to promoting products or services but the little difference is that in content marketing you do not necessarily promote the products directly, instead you try to make the products and services appealing in the minds of potential buyers. You carve it in their hearts and grow their interest in it.

As a content marketer the tools at your disposal include articles, videos, images, infographic, etc. You use these to pass across the right information to achieve the business goals.

Businesses need skilled content marketers who can help them stimulate people’ interest in their products. If you are creative in marketing, this can be another great online business opportunity for you here in Nigeria.

Social Media Marketing online business

digital marketing
Which social media are you active on? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. What about making money online here in Nigeria with your favorite social media? Social media marketing is all about marketing done on social media. It targets thousands, millions, billions of people who use social media.

Web hosting reselling online business

Oftentimes people are not comfortable with managing the hosting of their websites while running other businesses. Some others think it is too technical for them. Some want to get better hosting at cheaper rates. In fact, there can be a dozen and more reasons out their people would want to patronize your web hosting business here in Nigeria. If you know about web hosting and how to resell hosting packages, then this can be the right online business for you.


Okay friends, I believe this post has been able to list at least some of the top online businesses anyone can start here in Nigeria and make real money. One thing to note however is that making money online requires being smart, hard work and patience.

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A lot of us have been made to believe that you can easily start earning online…. Well, perhaps true, but in most cases earning online continuously and legally takes at least a little time to get there. Put in the right effort to it. And please, share this post. Thanks and, all the best.


I'm Arinze Anakor, nickname Zest. I'm an entrepreneur, a passionate software developer, mechanical engineering graduate, and "web addict."

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