13 Best Untapped Business Ideas in Nigeria 2018

So what are the best untapped businesses ideas to start in Nigeria? Some of these are business ideas that are often neglected or Nigerians are just ignorant of them. From dropshipping to opening a modern computer training center, there are many opportunities for a smart entrepreneur in Nigeria.

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The thing is, some businesses in Nigeria a kinda saturated while some can never get saturated any time soon due to high demand they enjoy. However, some businesses remains untapped in Nigeria, not that there are not people into such businesses already, no, but because the business still needs more creative minds that can explore the goldmine in it.

Here are I want to share with you some of those untapped business opportunities in Nigeria currently.

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List of untapped businesses in Nigeria

  1. Drop shipping business
  2. Digital marketing business
  3. Real estate business
  4. Mobile development business
  5. Healthcare business
  6. Modern computer training centre business
  7. Web development business
  8. Waste collection business
  9. Animal feed production business
  10. Pig farming business
  11. Online tutoring business
  12. Digital currency business

A brief summary of these lucrative businesses in Nigeria

Start dropshipping business in Nigeria

Dropshipping business is gaining more momentum these days. One of the reasons being that it requires very little capital to start the businesses.

How does drop shipping work? The image below puts it clearly and concisely:

How Drop Shipping Works
How dropshipping business work
Photo credit: https://www.oberlo.com/blog/why-you-should-care-about-aliexpress-dropshipping

So in a nutshell, the way dropshipping works is that you serve as a middleman or agent between the buyer and the seller.

Whenever any of your clients want to buy something, they pay you. Then tou contact your supplier (one that sells to you at the best price), purchase the item from the money your customer paid you and ship the product to your customer.

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Digital marketing business

Every business will fail without customers. This is why a lot of businesses spend huge amount of money on marketing.

Not every company has in-house marketing team. In fact, it’s usually big companies that have in-house marketing department.

So, small businesses, individuals, organizations and even some big companies usually look for result-oriented digital marketers to help them grow their business.

This is where your business comes in…

As a digital marker, you help promote businesses by promoting their brands, products and services.

To be successful in digital marketing business you need to know how to use certain online marketing techniques such as Social Media Marketing, SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Content marketing, etc.

Ultimately, companies, organizations and individuals will pay you to help them make more sales, create brand awareness or grow their customer base.

Real estate business

As a real estate agent, there are many ways you can make money in Nigeria.

In case you don’t know, real estate agents or businesses make money from landed properties such as rental for houses, buying and selling of landed properties, earning commission for every property sold through them as agents, and many other ways.

The thing is, you don’t even need to go into this business the capital intensive way. So, you can go in as a middle man (agent) and still make big money.

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Mobile apps development business

With the way mobile technology market is booming in Nigeria and in different markets across the globe, a lot of opportunities abound for a creative mobile applications developer in Nigeria.

The big tasks here for someone who wants to make money as a self-employed mobile developer in Nigeria are:

  1. Do you have the skills?
  2. Can you come up with a product idea that can sell?

Honestly, number one is as important as number two and none is always easy to get but.

To become a successful mobile developer you need to invest like a year (if you are a complete novice) to learn programming and how to build awesome apps that stands out.

To some people it may take less than a year, to some more.

The next big thing is to come up with products idea. If you can come up with an idea of a software than can sell, you’re in for big profits!

Healthcare businesses in Nigeria

Healthcare businesses are always evergreen.

In healthcare business niche, you can make money from stuff like fitness center, gym center, massage parlour, health counselling, pharmaceutical stores, and many more.

There is a lot of money still to be made in healthcare businesses if you’re an expert in any health niche or you’re are not but have some money to invest to get the experts.

Start a modern Computer school business

When I say computer school, I don’t mean those shops or business centers in every street where people go to learn Microsoft Word, Corel Draw, Excel and PowerPoint.

This is what I mean instead…

What’s the buzz among the Nigerian youths today, especially the tech enthusiasts and Internet entrepreneurs (and wannabes alike)? It’s programming, web design, digital, digital currency, android programming, game development, photo editing, etc.

These skills are high in demand yet the supply is limited (or at least quality training centers on this are scarce).

Be the smart entrepreneurs and make money by opening such a computer training center.

Digital currency business

These days I can’t scroll more than 3 times on Facebook Feeds without one post by a friend or an ad talking about digital currency.

Digital currency business is trending and gaining groups in Nigeria. From Bitcoin to the next coin launching tomorrow, there is so much money to be made.

Coin mining, cryptocurrency trading, digital currency exchanger, etc are some of the ways you can make money in Nigeria from digital currency.

Need more information on any of the businesses listed here?

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