20+ Best selling Fiverr Gigs for Nigerians 2018

Hot Gigs to sell on Fiverr as a seller from Nigeria? Don’t worry, I’ve got quite a number of them listed in this post. Read on.
Fiverr has become the number one online marketplace for Nigerians who make money online as freelancers. Fiverr is both popular and also competitive, sometimes making it challenging for new people joining the program to get clients.

Apart from positive reviews and ratings, sometimes how easily one can rank on Fiverr to start getting customers also depends on the Gig the person is selling.

By the way “gig” is your offer; that is, the service you offer to sell on Fiverr. If you say “I will write 500 words article for $5” then that is your gig in article writing.

In this post all I want to do is to list some of the hot gigs on Fiverr. That is gigs that are high on demand. This can help a beginner understand what gigs sell more than the others.

However, another sad truth is that those hot gigs are equally competitive. One thing you can do before creating any of these gigs is go to fiverr, search for the type of gigs you want to offer and get ideas from top sellers, level 1, level 2 sellers offering the same gig. You can copy them or add some twists to your offers.

So, having said all that, here are gigs that are hot on Fiverr:

Hot Fiverr Graphic design gigs

1. Logo design
2. Design business card
3. Flyers design
4. Whiteboard animation
5. Speed drawing
6. Make infographics
7. Create vector

Videos and Audios gigs on Fiverr

1. Voice acting (if you have a nice voice and the right tools: microphone and pop filter)
2. Make funny videos for clients
3. Edit clients YouTube videos

Hot SEO gigs on Fiverr

1. Do keyword research
2. Likes, Shares, Followers: Offer to give hundreds or thousands of Facebook likes, shares; Twitter followers, etc.

Hot Article writing/editing gigs on Fiverr

1. Write articles and blog posts
2. Write sales copy
3. Proofread/edit articles
4. Data entry
5. Typing services

Hot programming/Developers gig on Fiver

1. Fix, customize, troubleshoot WordPress website
2. Install/create WordPress website

Additional smart Gig ideas

» Provide YouTube views
» Do audio/video transcription
» Create Facebook Fanpage/Page For Businesses
» Sell private label rights graphics
» Sell PowerPoint templates
» Install WordPress Theme so it looks like the Demo (import demo.xml of the theme).

Alright guys, those are the hot Fiverr gigs I know. Any other one I should or shouldn’t have added? Please leave a comment.

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