3 Tips to increase your blog traffic 30x with viral content!

Every blogger knows that for a blog to generate profit, it must have at least a sizable amount of daily traffic. Without traffic, it will be very difficult for your blog to make money. One of the best strategies to boost your blog traffic posting viral contents. In this post I want to share with you some viral content tips I got from gurus like Neil Patel.

Traffic refers to the number of people visiting your website or blog. This is usually measured in per day, per week or month.

How to increase blog traffic with viral content

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Write great headlines

A great headline is one that is captivating. You need to craft out that headline that when people see it will make them want to know more.  Like Neil Patel said, “8 out of 10 people will click to read your content if you get the headline right.” The right headline is one that is captivating.

To make your headline captivating, you need something that raises curiosity or is polarizing. By polarizing I mean something that divide opinion. It can either go that way or this way, but no other way. The person who sees your headline can either love it or hate it. And nothing in between.

Example of captivating headlines: 20 Secrets your mom haven’t told you, 25 blogging trends for 2018, 15 reasons Chelsea is better than Man U, why your blog can’t make $100 a month, etc.

Make your post long

Longer articles usually give better SEO results. Also, longer content are usually shared more than shorter ones. Take you time to go into details, making sure that the post solves a particular problem thoroughly.

How long is a “long” post? A post that is less than 3,000 words isn’t in the “long posts” category. Long posts usually range from 3,000 to 10,000 words. However, this doesn’t mean that every of your post must be say 6,000 words or so. We write every blog post to solve one problem or the other. When the problem has been dealt with comprehensively, there is no need making the post any longer. But, when necessary, make your posts long enough.

In his article 7 Proven Strategies to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic by 206%, here is what Neil Patel have to say about longer posts:

  • Longer posts are good for back links and organic leads, giving you lots of evergreen content.
  • You become the go-to on the topic. You did the digging and the research. Your reader can find every single thing they need to know from your post and don’t have go elsewhere to supplement the info.
  • Did I mention evergreen? These posts have staying power and can be repurposed over and over again.

Make your content “shareable”

Another trick about viral content is “shareable contents.” You need to write shareable posts. By making a content shareable I don’t mean having share buttons on your pages, instead I mean a viral content that your readers will like to share.

What kind of content is “shareable?” Simply put, shareable content is a kind of content that almost everyone who reads it will like someone else to read it. This is usually common with celebrity news, politics and articles that has to do with health. But, in your own niche too you can craft out your own shareable content.

Remembers, use catchy titles, create shareable content and make your posts longer.


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