35 Lucrative businesses you can start with ₦20,000 in Nigeria

There are many lucrative business you can start in Nigeria with as low as ₦20,000. This post I will show you some of those small businesses in Nigeria which you can start with ₦20,000 (or thereabout) investment and grow big from there.

Note that every business, no matter how small the capital requirement, would need proper planning. By proper planning doesn’t mean you have to spend eternity trying to evaluate the business idea to get it perfect; however, proper planning will help you make the right decisions and increase your chances of success.


So, what are those profitable businesses you can start in Nigeria and be almost certain you can make money from them? Well, like I said, there are many of them but I will list just a couple of them for you here. See them below…

List of businesses you can start with N20,000 to N40,000 in Nigeria

  1. Popcorn business
  2. Fast food business
  3. Fish farming business
  4. Home tutoring
  5. Hair plaiting or braiding business
  6. Write and sell online courses
  7. Blogging
  8. JAMB and WAEC Lessons
  9. Poultry farming business
  10. Plantain chips production business
  11. Recharge card retailer business
  12. Sell smartphones accessories
  13. Snail farming business
  14. Dry cleaning business
  15. Affiliate marketing
  16. Sell your ebooks
  17. Selling of Garri
  18. Sell bottle water
  19. Rabbit farming
  20. Open a barbershop
  21. Social media management
  22. Online freelance businesses
  23. Computer tutorials
  24. Car wash business
  25. Soap productions business
  26. Tailoring
  27. Graphics design (Business cards, logo, etc) if you already have a laptop/computer
  28. SEO services
  29. Web design
  30. Digital photography (assuming you have some of the gadgets already)
  31. Bead making
  32. Shoe making
  33. Produce and sell leather bags
  34. Cake baking business
  35. Provide solution to people’s problem. Look around you, your city, Nigeria; identify problems you can solve and solve them. You will be paid handsomely for that!

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I'm Arinze Anakor, nickname Zest. I'm an entrepreneur, a passionate software developer, mechanical engineering graduate, and "web addict."

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