5 SEO tips to increase your website traffic by 80%

Fact: 20% SEO efforts takes care of about 80% of all the SEO you’ll ever need for your website. Interestingly, the 20% SEO isn’t something complicated, very technical or difficult to do. If SEO is made to be so complicated then many “non gurus” bloggers and website owners can never rank. This is not to say you should ignore what the SEO gurus tell you, however, the fact is that those VERY BASIC SEO rules every website need to follow covers almost every Google SEO requirements for your blog or website.

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However, the truth about SEO, which the SEO “gurus” oftentimes forget to tell you is that you don’t really have the result in your own hands most of the times. That is, the much you can do most of the times is follow the best SEO practices and confidently HOPE that your sites ranks high on Google.

In this post I want to share with you those basic SEO rules that your site really needs to rank on Google. I also encourage you to learn advanced SEO tricks because additional 1% SEO score may be all it will take to outrank your next competitor.

Essential SEO tips for your website or blog


SEO tip #1: Content: Quality is better than quantity

What Google simply wants is quality content. That is the summary of everything about Google SEO. They always try to make sure that websites they refer users to provide the quality content the users are searching for.

Gone are the days when lots of unique content gets your site ranking high on Google search. Nowadays, Google is primarily concerned with rewarding content that ensures great user experience. Content that provides answers to what the user is searching for. It is not about how unique the content is, even though it has to be unique because Google also hates redundancy.

In other words, if you publish a lot of content that doesn’t retain users or prove to be great posts, your site ranking will not improve, rather, it will drop.

Hence the bottom line here is always provide quality content. Also, the more quality contents, the better. However, quantity without quality will harm your ranking.

Additional SEO tip: Longer posts of a couple of thousands of words have shown to usually outrank shorter posts. Hence, whenever possible, go for longer posts!

Also, never forget to include media contents like images, infographics, videos, etc. They are very effective for passing across information clearly and they help retain visitors interest and increase interactions. Also, media content gets shared easily on social media. More reasons you nees them.

SEO tip #2: Boost your websites speed

Why is website speed important? This also boils down to ensuring best user experience. Hence, if your website is slow Google will penalize you. However, this does not imply that Google rewards fast loading website, no no. In other words, having a fast loading website doesn’t necessary attract any “favour” from Google. But on the other hand, having a slow loading websites comes will harm the ranking of your website.

Additional SEO tips: Use Googe PageSpeedInsights to check the structure of your website and webpages. Also use Google PingDom to check the loading speed of your site. Both tools will also show you where your website needs to be optimized for better performance.

SEO tip #3: Do proper keywords research

Proper keywords research for every of your contents will help you target the right keywords and increase your chances of ranking on Google. even if you don’t have a couple of minutes to do proper keywords research, you can quickly find some long tail keywords using Google suggest.

Just head over to Google and try typing the topic or keyword for your post. Don’t hit enter yet. Google will show you popular keywords that you can target. You can as well use Google keyword Planner tool which is free to do more in-depth keywords research and analysis.

Additional SEO tips: You can also use other keywords research tools like Ubersuggest which will give you tons of keywords for your content. Another awesome keyword research tool you can use is SEMRush which will give you all the keywords your competitors already rank for.

SEO tip #4: Promote your content

After posting your content, the real works starts – boosting the content. Many bloggers simply publish their content and relax, hoping that the magic will start happening. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work that way. Oftentimes more time and effort is spent in promoting content than in creating it.

Hence, invest your times in promoting your content, starting with the relevant social media, forums, etc. Having a strong social media presence and good social signals helps boost your overall SEO.

SEO tip #5: Build both outbound and inbound links

A lot of people only focus of inbound links to their content when they think link building. But, this approach doesn’t give the best result. Google appreciates content that are all encompassing. Linking to other quality content that relates to the topic of your post is a sign that your content is a comprehensive resource on the topic.

Therefore, don’t be stingy with linking out. However, make sure your only link to quality content out there.
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Well my friend, that is about 80% SEO your site needs: create only quality content, have fast loading website, do proper keywords research, promote your content and build both quality outbound and inbound links. To learn more in depth SEO, I recommend you visit BackLinko.com He is one of the best and I follow his YouTube tutorials. Please share this post. Thanks.

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  1. Rishank MehtaOctober 11, 2017

    Great tips. It will help me in building seo strategy for my clients. “Quality is better than quantity, i will stick to it…thx 🙂


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