5 Ways to make money with web design/developer freelancing in Nigeria

How you can make money online in Nigeria offering web development services as a freelancer? It isn’t that difficult if you already know how to build professional websites or web applications. If on the other hand you don’t already know web development, don’t worry, it isn’t that difficult either, the only thing in this second case is that it will take you some tume to learn web development.

So, assuming you have finally got to that level you can beat your chest and boldly declare yourself a “web developer”, how can you begin to make money with this great skill? At this points we are not talking about codes, instead, we are talking business, entrepreneurship!

In this post I want to suggest some ways you can make money online here in Nigeria with your web design and development skills.

Freelancing at online marketplaces

As someone who is starting out and is yet to gain much experience working for real clients, one of the best approach to gaining that much needed experience is by working at online marketplaces.

There are a number of online marketplaces you can work from here in Nigeria as a freelancer. Currently, the most popular and trending on is Fiverr. and are equally popular.

Make WordPress plugins

There are thousands of WordPress plugins out there, but, oftentimes we’ve noticed they are never enough to solve all out problems. There will always be “custom problems” that requires a custom plugin. Better still, if you can xome up with a plugin that can solve a common problem for a number of website, then you are in for business!

Start your own freelance business

Similar to the two ideas above, you can start your own web design and development business here in Nigeria as a freelancer. Now you want to make it an “official business” if I may put it that way. Create your own business website, promote your business, start building up from one, two, three,… clients.

Create web applications

When it comes to creating a web application that can make money online, coming up with an idea of such app is usually the biggest task. However, if you can come up with an application that can make you money, then you are in for the “make money while sleeping” online business.

Teach others web development

Another way you can make money online in Nigeria as a web developer is by taking beginner web developers on web development tutorials. Offering quality training with videos and other tools.

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