How to start an online business in Nigeria 2018

How to start a profitable online business in Nigeria? Get started with the best Internet based businesses and online money making opportunities in Nigeria. Starting an online business requires proper planning, research and analysis. No serious Internet entrepreneur will take those three things for granted.

In this post, I will share with you six (6) indispensable tips that will surely help you start a successful online business here in Nigeria.

At the bottom of this post is also a link to my post that covers how to really make money online in Nigeria with the best online businesses currently. But first, here are some essential tips for starting an online business.

How to start an online business in Nigeria

1. What online business should you start?

step 1 to starting an online business

It all starts with an idea! That idea that looks like it can make profits – A right business idea. The first step you have to take is to come up with a good online business you can do. Nees some ideas? Here are 12 Profitable online businesses in Nigeria

2. Research and Analysis – Customers, Audience, Making money

step 2 to starting an online business
Proper research and analysis is very important part of starting any business. Get relevant information about the online business, check if there are audience or potential customers for the business.

Another important question is how do you make money from the online business? Direct products sales? AdSense? Affiliate products? How do you convert visitors to customers?

There are many ways you can make money online provided you are getting the right audience. For example, if it is a blog, you can sell digital products, use Google AdSense, affiliate marketing etc. It is all about knowing what can work in your business.

3. Setup an online platform

step 3 to starting an online business
Setup a website or a platform on social media sites for your business. In most cases your online business will need a blog or a business website. It can an e-commerce to. If you basically want a blog, you can use WordPress or create a free blog on Google Blogger: See how to create a 100% free blog

Note that some online businesses can be done without you needing to have a website of your own. For example, making money at freelance websites doesn’t require your own website. Fiverr is the most popular freelance website for Nigerians. See 20 Top, hot and best Fiverr services you can offer on Fiverr

4. Launch your online business

step 4 to starting an online business
Now that you have done proper analysis and setup your business, it is time to launch. Nothing to wait for, launch your online business as soon as the ground work has been completed and start competing for customers/audience. The earlier you get your website out there on Google, Facebook, etc, the better.

5. Keep track, be patient

step 5 to starting an online business
It may take some time to build an online business that ensures steady income. Building reasonable amount traffic for a website or blog for example usually take time. So, be patient while keeping track of your progress.

Use Google analytics and similar tools to track your progress, analyze your audience and know if your efforts are paying off or not.

6. Decide: Change strategy or try something new entirely?

step 6 to starting an online business
You will get to that point where you’d ask yourself if made progress. At this point you may need improve on that which is working; or adjust, change or try something new.

Online businesses may take a different turn. But, you are the driver and it is your duty to steer things to the right directions.

How to make money online in Nigeria

For more breakdown of how to start an online business in Nigeria as well as the best online businesses currently, please see how to make money online in Nigeria


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