8 Best ways to monetize a blog & make money online in Nigeria

The truth is that almost every blogger wants to make money from their blog. However, another truth is that starting a blog isn’t usually where the big work is for a beginner, but building the blog so it starts making money is where it usually gets tough for many people. But, isn’t that how it is with every other business? Remember, “If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.”

Blogging for money in Nigeria – preceding steps

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What a blog needs to make money

The problems most bloggers face isn’t about finding the ways to monetize their blog, instead, the problem lies on one thing: traffic.

Traffic refers to the number of people visiting your blog, usually per day or per month.When you don’t get a reasonable amount of traffic, the question about monetizing a blog becomes irrelevant. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the more traffic you get means the more money, but, you’ll always need traffic to make money from your blog.

8 Effective ways you can make money online from your blog

Now what are the options available for a blogger who wishes to monetize his blog? The answer is a lot of options! When you have even a handful of people visiting your blog, there are quite a number of blog monetization strategies available, however, in this post I want to list out 10 proven ways you can make money from your blog:

1. Sell your own products or services

Depending on the niche of your blog and your ability to package something useful for your blog visitors, you can make money online selling your own products on your blog.

Things you can sell include Courses, stock photos, Reports, etc. It all depends on what sellable product you can come up with. Apart from digital products you can as well sell physical products on your blog.

2. Make money with paid membership section of your blog

If you are exceptional at what you do you can as well monetize your blog with paid membership programs. The way it works is you have certain area of your blog with restricted access to your visitors except those that will pay to access it.

But, why would anyone pay you monthly just to access the premium membership area of your blog? Well, discover this: How to make money with paid membership website online business in Nigeria

3. Sell your own ebooks

The problem about ebooks is being able to get quality ebooks these days. Thanks to the Internet where we can easily publish our books, everyone has turned a writer. However, if you can package an eBook that can standout and that is worth paying for, then you are in for a serious business.

How to make eBooks that sell and make real money

4. Monetize your blog with affiliate programs

A blog that is getting good amount of traffic can make cool money from affiliate programs.

In affiliate marketing, you promote other people’s products and services and earn commission per sales completed through your marketing efforts.

To be effective in blog monetization through affiliate marketing, promote products that are relevant to the niche of your blog.

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5. Monetize your blog with Google AdSense

Google AdSense is perhaps the most popular blog monetization strategy out there, however, the problem a lot of bloggers face with Google AdSense is that you can’t make any reasonable amount of money from it unless your blog is getting good amount of traffic.

To make money online with Google AdSense will depend on the number of visitors to your blog, the niche of your blog and the countries the visitors come from.

6. Sell ad spaces on your blog

An “established” blogger can make money online with her blog by selling ad spaces. The likes of LindaIkeji blog use this blog monetization strategy.

How it works is you allow businesses, companies, etc to place ads on some spaces in your blog and they pay you for that.

However, blog monetization via selling ads space usually works better for big blogs or blogs with “authority” which are getting good traffic.

7. Make money from paid posting

If your blog has authority and good traffic people will be willing to pay just to post to your blog. This is just like accepting guest posting but in addition you charge people certain amount of money before they can publish posts to your blog.

Why would anyone want to pay to publish an article on your blog seeing that many other blogs accept guest posting free of charge? Well, the answer is that your blog is an “authority”, a popular blog with good traffic.

8. Sell your blog for profit and invest in new ones

Technically they call it website flipping. But, let’s forget about the grammar, it is simple: if you have already built your blog traffic and its money making potential to a certain level, you can sell it for much profit and invest in other blogs.

Many people are not ready to put in several hours per week for several months to grow their blog. In fact, even many who have put in the efforts for several months can’t see the traffic let alone the money

If you are good with blogging – content, seo, etc., you can make money flipping blogs.

Next in Blogging for money – Advanced topics

Alright friends, those are the sure ways I know people can easily directly earn from their blogs here in Nigeria. What do you think about the blog monetization strategies listed in this post? Anyone I should have also added? Please drop a comment.

If you have got to this point in this Blogging for money series, congratulations! You can now proceed to advanced topics which I covered in other tutorials The advanced topics deals with how to grow your blog, grow your audience, SEO and more.

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