5 Steps to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria 2018

What is affiliate marketing? How do you start a successful affiliate marketing online business in Nigeria and make money? What are the best affiliate programs in Nigeria? How do you drive traffic to your offer? If any of the questions above is what you are interested in, then read on…

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate MarketingAffiliate marketing is the type of online business where you make money by promoting (marketing) someone else’s products or services. You promote company’s products and services and, for every purchase completed through your marketing efforts you earn a commission. The commission you earn is usually a percentage of the price of the product purchased or service paid for.

For example, let’s assume you have a blog where you do smartphones reviews. From this blog you can refer people to online stores where they can buy smartphones so you can earn commission per purchase the customer makes. If 5% is the commission and someone follows your affiliate link to buy a smartphone worth N100,000, then you will earn N5,000 as your commission for that single purchase completed. Cool huh? Of course, it is that cool.

Challenges Nigerians face with affiliate programs

When it comes to affiliate marketing, we have some little challenges here in Nigeria.

One of the challenges is the fact that some of the best affiliate marketing programs available on the Internet don’t allow people from Nigeria to participate in their programs.

Another major challenge Nigerians face in affiliate marketing is when it comes to online transactions, like withdrawing the money you have made from such programs. This is because some of the best payment systems don’t allow people in Nigeria to receive payments; instead, they can only allow us to send. A good example here is PayPal which doesn’t allow Nigerian accounts to receive payment.

But despite these challenges, Nigerians people still know “how to go about it.” But if you don’t know the backdoor, there is still a handful of good affiliate marketing programs you can access from Nigeria and easily earn your commissions. Some are better than the others, and some pay more than the others.

Before I list some the popular affiliate programs in Nigeria, let’s look at some invaluable tips that will help you run successful affiliate marketing businesses that make profit.

How to make money with affiliate marketing in Nigeria

1. Learn affiliate marketing

Don’t jump right into it, learn it. The first and very essential step to successful affiliate marketing business is learning affiliate marketing. Luckily for you, there are tons of materials online that will help you learn before going into it. Don’t be the type that assumes one can start making money online with something like blogging, affiliate marketing, SEO, etc. without having to spend at least a little of their time learning them.

The key point here is, if you don’t have the right prior knowledge of affiliate marketing, don’t just dive into it. Invest your time to learn the business first. Read articles, blog posts, watch video tutorials, and learn from experiences of others. Ask questions, find answers. Know the big players in your niche. Learn how to pick the right products to promote and how to drive traffic to your blog. Learn so you can avoid mistakes people have made and copy their successes as well.

The key point here is learning, and it doesn’t matter how you go about learning it. What matters most is you learning the secrets of successful affiliate marketing business.

2. Choose a niche

A niche simply means the line of products or services you will like to market. For example, if like you mobile tech, you can narrow down your affiliate marketing blog to something like smartphones. There are affiliate programs for about any kind of products and services, including digital products. The important thing here is you choosing something you know about and can passionately promote it online. Just pick a great product you know and get started.

But while choosing, make sure you choose brands or products that sells. This is very important because it is easier to market products that have already made their way into the market than trying to market unpopular brands or products. Promote only great and popular products in your affiliate marketing business. It is easier that way.

3. Setup your blog

Now that you have decided what niche is best for you or the kind of products and services you will be marketing, the next step is to setup up a space on the Internet where you can effectively run your affiliate marketing business.

Although you can still do affiliate marketing without owing a blog, that won’t be very effective and flexible. In other words, the best way to do affiliate marketing is to have your own blog, even if it is a free blog like Google Blogger. See how to create a 100% free blog.

Having a blog of your own will offer you the freedom to do what you, design the blog the way you like, post the kind of contents you like, build email lists, communicate with your readers and customers, try different marketing strategies and make changes where necessary without anyone placing unnecessary restrictions on you. The point here is, if you want to do affiliate marketing best, you must have your own blog. Simple enough, I guess.

4. Sign up for affiliate marketing programs

Finally, it is time to sign up for affiliate marketing programs of your choice and start promoting the products of your choice in step 2 above. There are many affiliate marketing programs on the internet. If you are not sure which products to promote, or if you have many great products in mind, you can try a number of them to find out which yields best result.

List of popular affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria

  • Jumia Affiliate program
  • Konga Affiliate
  • DealDey affiliate program
  • LinkShare
  • Amazon
  • Clickbank
  • Commission Junction (Or Cj Affiliate by Conversant)
  • Propellar Ads Network
  • Wealthy Affiliates
  • ShareAsale
  • NameCheap
  • GoDaddy and other web hosting companies
  • Etc.

5. How to drive traffic to your affiliate marketing blog

1. Use social media…

Social media has become an indispensable marketing tool in this century. As an affiliate marketer, you need to have a strong social media presence. Depending on your niche, you should have social media account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Know the social media platforms where most of your potential readers are and put extra effort in promoting your blog, content and affiliate products there.

2. Do guest posting

Guest posting is basically writing posts for other blog, usually in order to get the readers to your own blog through links in your posts in those other blogs. Writing for other websites that are in your niche will help you build targeted traffic and and get the right kind of potential customers. It will also help you build “backlinks” which is important for building your site authority and SEO.

3. Paid advertising can be great

You might need to have a marketing budget so you can drive more targeted traffic to your offers, through search engines and social media marketing.

In other words, things like running ads on Google, Facebook, and other social media might become necessary even though that will cost you some bucks. Just make sure that every money you invest is a calculated and promising decision.

Targeting different locations, gender, demography, etc are things some of the benefits of paid advertising.

However, do your plus and minus well before spending money on ads, else, you may end up wasting a lot of money.

Use these free marketing strategies in your affiliate marketing

For effective ways to promote your blog, products, services, etc. online. Read this: Top 7 free ways to market anything online in Nigeria

Additional tips

See How to start affiliate marketing online business in Nigeria without money. Affiliate marketing ia an art that involves continuous learning. You learn from your experiences, you learn from that of others as well. Always keep track of your progress. Know what marketing strategies are working and ones that needs to be tweaked so they work or dumped entirely.

“Winners never quit; quitters never win.” If you are a winner, please share this post. That is all for now. Have anything to say, ask or add? Please drop a comment. Thanks.


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