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About Dontro

Dontro is primarily dedicated to providing web development and Internet marketing services, coupled with a blog section which publishes contents on entrepreneurship and business ideas, guides and tips. Web solutions is about the services we offer. These services include web design and development, and, Internet marketing.

Dontro Blog

The blog section of Dontro tries to constantly bring to its readers great information gathered through in depth research and things learnt from experts and successful entrepreneurs around the world. Sometimes the author’s thoughts are published.

Web development and Internet marketing services

Dontro offers web development and branding services which is aimed at building state of the art websites, and web applications, providing professional websites and web applications maintenance or troubleshooting, and internet marketing solutions for businesses, individuals, companies or organizations seeking to establish, promote or revamp their online presence so as to grow their businesses or achieve other goals.

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Dontro Blog

Dontro has a frequently updated blog section of this website which is focused on providing invaluable and up to date information on career and education.

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About Me


I am Arinze Anakor, a mechanical engineering graduate, passionate programmer, and full-stack web developer. I am the idea behind Dontro.com.

My programming experience started in the first semester of the second year of my first degree program at the University of Nigeria (UNN). Learning to code came with it’s challenges and, sometines, frustrations; yet, the learning never ends and, that is normal. But, up till today, that journey I started some years back is among the best choices I have ever made in my life.

Dontro.com is my (Anakor Arinze) idea to put my programming skills into good use. This idea has transformed me to a professional web developer who derives pleasure from providing websites and web applications solutions and other web solutions to the customer satisfaction.

Being a creative and passionate fullstack web developer, with programming experience dating back to the year 2012, I’ve developed the skills and experience it enquires to build different kinds of websites and web applications.

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