17 Best handwork to do in Nigeria 2018

Looking for ideas on the most lucrative handwork one can easily start in Nigeria? I have got some tested and trusted handwork business ideas for you. The fact is that people are making a lot of money from different kids of handwork. It’s all about coming up with ideas that can boost your business. Read on to see some of the best handwork to do in Nigeria.

Phone Repair

In Nigeria, there are many handwork one can pick from, however, some of the handwork have proven to be more lucrative than others. We also have modern handwork that are very promising and a lot of people are already making huge income from them. Below is a list of such handwork that if done well have very high chances if success in Nigeria

List of Best handwork to do in Nigeria

  1. Phone Repair
  2. Graphic Design
  3. Laptop Repair
  4. Photography
  5. Bread and Cake Making
  6. Website Design
  7. House Painting
  8. Digital Marketing
  9. Hair barber
  10. Floor Tiling.
  11. Hair Dressing
  12. Makeup
  13. Interior Decoration
  14. Wrist Watches Repair
  15. Beads Making
  16. Fancy Brick Making
  17. Flower Gardening

Phone Repair

This can take between a couple of months to learn but in the end it will be worth it. This handwork is still on high demand and will continue to be even in the next couple of years because of the widespread of mobile phones in Nigeria and in every nuke and cranny of the country.

Graphic Design

Graphic designers are needed in almost everywhere these days. Wedding cards, banners, business cards, events and programs, etc. We also have them in web design, mobile apps design, etc. Graphic design is very wide and learning it in Nigeria will be I great idea because the high demand it enjoys now will still be there in years to come.

Laptop Repair

This is just similar to the case mobile phones repair. And the interesting thing is that laptops are becoming very common these days, especially among the youths and the working class in Nigeria. Also, some higher institutions in Nigeria now recommend that their new students buy laptop. Laptop is a common gadget and there are lots of them that needs repairs.


Photography is among the most popular handwork today. If you are talented with aesthetic and can present things more beautiful than they actually look, then this can be even easier for you. Apart from attending to your customers, you can also sell your stock photos online!

Cake Baking

The thing about anything food is like it is indispensable. We cannot do without food. The important thing about starting this kind of business if building your customer base. You can do this through friends, social media, etc. You can even setup an online store where people can come and order cakes and have them delivered to their doorsteps. It’s all about coming up with ideas that can boost your business.

Website Design

This one is my personal favorite because I am a web developer. Web is too large, so also is web design and the technologies behind it. But you don’t need to become a guru in web design before you start making money from it. You can pick some specific areas and master it instead of trying to be jack of all trade master of none. Just start with HTML and CSS, move up to JavaScript and you can chart your dream career from there.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the buzz currently. It is needed by every modern business and business persons. You can learn to help business market their products and services on the Internet, using tools and strategies like Social Media, SEO, SEM, Content marketing etc. This niche is very large and the demand quite high.

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Other lucrative handwork business ideas I mentioned above include, House Painting, Hair barber, Floor Tiling, Hair Dressing, Makeup, Interior Decoration and Wrist Watches Repair.

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