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How to make money with blogging in Nigeria in 2018

What is blogging? How can you start a successful blog in Nigeria and, perhaps, turn it into a successful online business that continues to make money? In this tutorial and in subsequent blogging tutorials in this Blogging for money series, I’ll share with fellow Nigerians quite a number of things I’ve learnt about blogging, as well as various ways you can monetize your blog here in Nigeria. I’ll take a beginner’s approach to blogging and go into advanced stuff, exploring quite a lot of things about running a successful blog here in Nigeria.

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It is important I mention this from the onset that this is not one of those tutorials that promise you will make  $100,000 the next one month. Honestly, as at the first time I was writing this post (in 2017) I have not come close to that amount of money from blogging. For example, the total amount I have earned as at then through AdSense was $39 (see below). However, the biggest benefit I’ve had with blogging is that it connects me with other income sources, some of which has to do with web development, MLM, the days of Ponzi schemes, etc. See, there are many ways we can use blogging for business, whether is AdSense, affiliate marketing, banner ads, digital products, etc.
AdSense earnings
Not having a screenshot of $100,000 from one month blog to show you puts me in a catch-22 situation here. Well, although I can “create” some fake screenshot and show you (like some do), I won’t do that. I must be honest here as I share my years of experience being an Internet entrepreneur, programmer/developer and “web addict.” Also, whenever necessary I will share tips from successful bloggers and Internet entrepreneurs out there.

Alright, now that I have cleared some grounds, let’s get started with “Blogging for money” in Nigeria. Thist tutorial series will cover about everything, from understanding what blogging really is to choosing a money-making niche, choosing a perfect domain name, growing your audience, SEO, monetizing your blog, tips from successful bloggers and many more.

The ONE big mistake most Nigerian beginner bloggers make

I’ve come to notice a major mistake that many beginner bloggers make. That is the mistake is copying Americans and Indians verbatim. What do I mean? A lot of Nigerian bloggers when starting out tend to forget that here is Nigeria, and not USA. Hence, instead of trying to figure out what works in Nigeria, they expend their energy copying American models.

Granted, there are many experienced and professional bloggers in the US and India. Learning from these experienced professional bloggers is one of the smartest things any beginner blogger can do, including bloggers from Nigeria.

However, if you aim to target Nigerian audience ( and not American, UK, India… audience), you must study the Nigerian audience for your blog to succeed. It will be a big mistake to start a blog that is meant to succeed with Nigerian audience while using American model. If you want to get Nigerian audience, don’t get started without studying the Nigerian audience to understand what Nigerians read, what gets their attention, or maybe how to adjust those blogging tricks and technique that work in the UK so it can also work here in Nigeria.

If you want to target Nigerian audience, study Nigerian audience! I can’t just emphasize this enough. Study successful Nigerian bloggers in your niche and their blogs (like Lindaikeji, BellaNaija, Jide Ogunsaya, Pascal Okafor, etc.). Find out what they do, the type of content they share, etc.

Well Well, what is blogging?

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I could have assumed that anyone reading this post already knows what blogging is, however, but no. Therefore, let me give a quick explanation of what blogging is using my own terms:

My definition of blogging: Blogging is when you have something you are passionate about and, you would like to be sharing content (on the Internet, on a regular basis) about that thing so that people who have interest in it can read or consume the content. Articles, images, videos and infographic are some of the contents you can share in your blog. Well, that, basically, is a conventional way I can define blogging.

However, blogging for money involves in-depth research and analysis to discover the topics people are interested in so you can setup an online platform called blog and start posting awesome content on those topics. You do this so you can get many people coming to your blog within a couple of months. This is the type of blogging I believe in and we will get back to it in more details in subsequent posts in this blogging tutorials.

How make money online from blogging

When your blog starts getting a reasonable amount of traffic, the next action is to start making money from it. When it comes to blog monetization, there are many ways. Many online businesses use or have blogs because it is a very effective way to get people or customers to your websites and make money online.

Some of the options available for a blogger to make money online: you can make money with blogging by selling eBooks, Ads space, courses, trainings, brand promotion, Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, banner ads, guest posts, etc. There are just many ways you can make money with a blog that is getting good number of visitors.

But, there this thing about most Nigerian bloggers and AdSense: Almost every blogger wants to monetize her blog with Google AdSense. Although Google AdSense is a good way to monetize a blog,  what they fail to understand is that you can’t make any reasonable amount of money with AdSense if you are a newbie. In other words, if your blog is not getting much traffic, AdSense earnings will be small.

Hence, I advise every beginner not worry about how much she is making from Google AdSense or other blog monetization methods. At this stage, you should focus on building traffic (getting many people to your blog) because no matter what monetization strategy you use, the number of people visiting your blog (that is, traffic) is a the key factor that will determine how much your blog can make, all things being equal.

Concluding this intro to Blogging for money

Alright friend, I decided to keep this post short and simple. However, this is one of my posts in this blogging tutorials series. The next thing you have to do now is move to the next tutorials so we can explore more blogging stuff in details. Please share this post. All the best. Thanks.

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  1. RhemaAugust 29, 2017

    Its helpful and encouraging

    1. Arinze AnakorAugust 29, 2017

      Thanks for the appreciation Rhema I’m glad you found it helpful and encouraging.

  2. Da KingAugust 29, 2017

    I feel motivated. Just what I need. Thanks, I think blogging success really depends on the approach you take. With the right approach you can build a successful online business

    1. Arinze AnakorAugust 29, 2017

      Thank you king. Indeed, it depends in the approach. People will still start new blogs next year and succeed while someone who started last year isn’t recording success. When done right good results emerge

  3. Bossy bossSeptember 10, 2017

    Please the link for How to choose a PERFECT money making niche is showing error.

    1. Arinze AnakorSeptember 10, 2017

      OMG! Thank you for pointing that out! No wonder that point has been an exit point. Kept me wondering!

      I mistakenly entered a URL to edit page of the post. Thanks. I appreciate


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