How you can make money online with ₦1000

Steps to make money online with ₦1,000

  • Get ₦500 worth of data for browsing
  • Visit websites like, or
  • Sign up as a freelancer
  • Create a Gig (service) you can offer
  • Publish your Gig and also share it to social media like LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Get your first client and deliver you have made money with less than ₦1,000

Alternatively, offer quick services like take a survey and get paid

Now that was a quick answer, but let’s look at how you can make money online with just one thousand Naira in greater details, and other alternatives you can try instead of the freelancing described above.

How to make money with 1000 Naira

Let’s look at a couple of options available here…

Sell freelance services at online marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork or Freelancer

The 3 websites mentioned above are the most popular websites currently where anyone from around the world can make legitimate money by offering different kinds of services, ranging from the smallest tasks like liking or sharing posts to social media sites to big stuff like developing a game or writing a book.

The beauty of it is that you choose exactly what service you want to offer, set the amount you want to charge, etc.

Actually, I have a post that breaks it down in greater details: how to make money online at freelance websites.

2. Start a Blogger blog (free)

A good alternative to offering freelance service online will be starting a free blog using Google Blogger platform.

Remember, free Blogger blog made multimillionaires like Linda Ikeji, Jide Ogunsoya (of Ogbenge blog), and many others.

See these two posts: How to make money online with blogging AND How to create a 100% free blog.

3. Do affiliate marketing

If freelancing or blogging don’t sound enticing to you, then you might want to try affiliate marketing.

How it works: it’s simple, many companies are looking for people that will help them get more customers and make more sells. As an affiliate marketer, you promote other people or companies products and services and get paid for every sale completed through your marketing effort.

See how to start making money online in Nigeria with affiliate marketing: How to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria

4. Do quick jobs

There are other quick jobs you can do online without investing a dime and still get paid. The popular one among such is taking a paid survey.

Some companies look for people that will take surveys because they value quality feedback. You get paid for doing such simple tasks.

I can’t quite tell a good paid survey program pit there but you can do yourself good by doing a little Google search.


As you can see, there are at least a handful of ways you can make money without even spending up to a thousand Naira. You just have to invest a little time, work and patience and you will figure out what works for you.

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