How to choose a perfect domain name for your blog

How do you choose a perfect domain name for your blog? What is a domain name by the way? Does it matter the name and address you choose for your blog? These and more I will break down in a comprehensive way in this post. Now, let’s get started.

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What is a domain name?

Domain name

The domain name of your blog, simply put, is the web address of your blog. For example, the domain name of Facebook is, the domain name of Twitter is, and so on. So, if your domain name is and someone types in the browser and hit “Go” or “Enter”, the person will be taken to your blog. That is what a domain name is. Your blog needs a unique domain name, and what that name is becomes a matter of your own choice. That is, it is left for you to choose a name for your blog.

How and why should you choose the right domain name for your

Although you can choose whatever domain name you like for your blog, provided someone else has not taking the name, there is a need to for you to choose the right domain name. What makes a great domain name? Let’s find out.

1. The domain name should be short

Why should your domain name be short? Well, with millions of active blogs out there and, probably thousands of them discussing the same topic as your new blog, there is need to choose a domain name that Internet users will quickly enter in their browsers.

Not clear enough? OK, I will make it clearer. Let’s assume you know two blogs that talk about cars. One of the blogs has the domain name and the other is named Now, all things being equal, which of the blog address will be easier for you to quickly enter in your browser when you want to visit a car blog? Obviously, you would rather type few letters and get to a car blog than typing “a paragraph” just to get the same thing. Therefore, the good practice is to make your domain name as short as possible.

2. The domain name should be easy to spell correctly and easy to remember

Maybe in the near future someone will mention your blog on TV, radio, etc. How can you make sure that anyone who hears the name can easily spell it correctly?

Web surfers have one general habit: no patience! If someone tries a web address once and doesn’t get it correctly, he is likely to forget trying and move on to another website. Hence, to make sure you are not missing a lot of potential blog readers, you must choose a domain name that is easy to spell.

Not clear enough? Well, I like making things as clear as possible: Which of the following web addresses do you think is better? or Obviously it is How? Although is longer than, it is a better choice because anyone can easily spell it correctly in one trial. As for, one may think it is, or, or even The point here is choose a name that is easy to spell correctly.

3. Chose a domain name give an idea of what your blog is all about

Also important, but for personal reasons, I don’t really care much if the domain name of my blog gives an idea of my blog niche. However, when your blog has a domain name that is indicative of your blog topic, it makes it easier for people to remember your and your topic.

For instance, if you want to read about latest car technology, and you have come across these two websites that talk about cars: and; all things being equal, which of the blogs will come into your mind easily? Obviously, it is

Also, even someone who has never visited can easily guess it talks about car. In addition to that, some argue that choosing a domain name that contains a primary keyword in your niche can help your site ranking on search engines. But with the way search engines keep evolving, there is no guarantee on that.

Now that we have looked at some advantages of having a domain name that sells your topic, there can be some cases where someone will intentionally chose a domain name that does not pinpoint what the blog is all about. I did this for some reasons.

One of those reasons chose carted was that I wanted a name that is “expandable”.  What do I mean Let’s assume is a new blog with one niche under cars. Now cartech later becomes a success and wants to talk about some other tech stuffs in addition to car technologies, how appropriate will the name sound if the blog now also talks about smartphones? It will be so inappropriate. You get the point?

Some people would like to start off with a niche and when they grow bigger they add more related niches on the same blog (not creating a separate blog). For this reason they may sacrifice the benefit of having a name that pinpoints to the blog topic.

Next step in Blogging for money

Before moving on to the next tutorial in this series, I want to point out one thing you should remember when choosing a domain name: pick a shorter domain name that is easier to spell and remember. Other things may not matter. Take the next step: How to create a 100% free blog OR premium blog – A practical guide

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