How to create a 100% free blog in Nigeria 2018

So far in this Blogging for money for Nigerians series, we have covered a lot of very important things that every Nigerian blogger who wants to make money with blogging should know. In this particular blogging tutorial, you will learn how to create your own blog and start blogging your way to success. In case you missed any of the important tutorials in this series, here are links to those tutorials:

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How to create a blog

When it comes to creating a blog, you have two options: a free blog or a premium blog. Did you know that LindaIkeji and some other successful bloggers in Nigeria started with and are still using 100% free blogging platform? Yes, 100% free. But, is a free blog a better option? It depends.

Best free blogging platform: Free things usually have a catch or limitations. The best free blogging platform we have today is Google Blogger. Google Blogger allows you to setup a blog in a matter of minutes without writing a single line of code!

Best premium blogging platform: If you are looking for a premium blog that is the best, is currently the best option. is 100% free, the only difference is that unlike blogger, doesn’t host your blog and doesn’t give you free domain name. Therefore, when using, you will have to buy your domain name and hosting space. But, don’t worry, they cost very little!

Tip: If you want a platform that offers you all the flexibility and freedom, go for WordPress. But, if you all you want now is a 100% free platform to share content and gradually grow your audience, go for Google Blogger. Both Blogger and WordPress can serve. The only difference here is that WordPress has awesome features Blogger don’t have.

How to create a WordPress blog

Setting up a WordPress blog is one of the easiest thing you can do. Most web hosting companies make it easy for you to install WordPress with just few clicks and your website will be up and running. When installing WordPress, all you have to do is choose a name for your website, choose username, password and enter your email and click install button, just like shown in the screenshot below:

How to install WordPress: official WordPress installation guide

WordPress Install page

Creating a WordPress website is as easy as described above, depending on the web hosting company you choose anyway. If you don’t want to create the blog yourself, get help here.

How to create a 100% free blog with Google Blogger

How to create a blog free of charge even with your mobile phone? Here is how to do it. The steps involved is very easy. No coding, just type and click. I will use smartphone to demonstrate this.

Things you’ll need

  1. A mobile phone or computer that can browse the Internet
  2. A Gmail account (or create Gmail account if you don’t have it)
  3. Data for browsing the Internet
  4. A good browser like Google Chrome or Firefox
  5. Internet connection

Now, if the items above are ready, let’s create a new blog in just few minutes.

1. Go to Google Blogger

With your mobile phone, open a good browser like Google Chrome or Firefox. Then go to Google Blogger:

Free Blogger Blog

2. Sign in to Blogger

Free Blogger Blog

Free Blogger Blog

Click the “SIGN IN” at the top right hand corner. Then, enter your email and password to sign in.

3. Create new Blog

Free Blogger Blog

Click the button that says “CREATE NEW BLOG”

4. Choose a Title and Address for your blog

Free Blogger Blog

Choose Title and Address and click the button that says “Create Blog!

How? Where it says “Title”, enter whatever you want your blog to be called. For instance, I decided to call my blog “Zestful Cars.” So, choose a Title.

Also, where it says “Address”, choose an address of your choice. Address is the unique thing that can be used to locate your website/blog. For example, the address of this website is The address of Facebook is

NOTE: When choosing address, DO NOT add because Google Blogger will add that automatically for you. For example, when I typed ONLY zestfulcars Blogger added to make it

ALSO NOTE: If the address you entered has been taken by someone else, Blogger will tell you that it is not available. Just keep trying different addresses that make sense.

5. View your blog

Now that you have successfully created your blog, you will be taken to Blogger Dashboard. This area of your blog is accessible only to you. The visitors to your blog don’t and shouldn’t have access to your Blogger Dashboard.

Free Blogger Blog

To view your blog and see how it looks to the whole world or any visitor to your blog, go to your blog URL. An example of url is Another one is Your own URL will be Sinply replace the part that says “yourblogaddress” with your own blog address.

Free Blogger Blog

Alternatively, from your Blogger Dashboard, click where it says “view Blog.” It is under your blog title at the top right hand side of your dashboard.

6. Add a post

When you view your blog it will say “There’s nothing here.” In other words, it is saying you have not published any post yet. So, let’s create a new post.

To create a new post, go back to your Blogger Dashboard and click where it says “New post.”

Free Blogger Blog

After the page where you’ll add new post have loaded, enter any title you want to give your post. I want to give my own post the title “Fastest cars 2017”

Free Blogger Blog

Go down to the body where you will add the content of the post. Click the button that says “Compose”. Now start typing your post content.

To add image, click the add image icon at the right hand side (see image below):

Google Blogger Add Image

To add video, click the add video icon just next to the add image icon (see image below):

Blogger add video to post

In my own post I just decided to search for a YouTube video that matched the post and added it there.

Free Blogger Blog

Free Blogger Blog

When you are done adding the content to your blog, you can Preview it, Save it to Draft if you don’t want to publish it yet or Publish it so the whole world will begin to read awesome content in your blog.

View your blog again

Free Blogger Blog

After you have published a post, go back to your blog ( You will see the new post you published. Click to read it. Is it not your post?

Next in Blogging for money in Nigeria

Alright friends, that’s how you can easily create a blog. NEXT: How to monetize your blog.

If you have any questions, please drop a comment below. If you want me to customize the blog, change the theme/design, create Pages, etc., let me know here: Get help

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