How I easily got AdSense approval with my 1 month old blog

First, what is Google AdSense and how can you make money with Google AdSense? Other question we’ll address here include how to get AdSense approval.
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People tell different stories about Google AdSense. Some try to make it seem like something too difficult to get. Well, maybe they speak from their personal experiences, maybe. However, I think the thing about AdSense has been so much exaggerated to give the impression that it is difficult to get AdSense approval.

In this post, I want to tell my own part of AdSense story. Maybe yet another story: How I got AdSense approval with my blog that was less than 1 month old then. And I got the approval the very first time I applied.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is an advertising network or program that pays website owners for displaying Google ads on their websites.

In short, in Google AdSense, you place Google ads on your website, and, Google pays you for that. Simple enough?

Since this post is not to give details about AdSense program itself, let’s go quickly to the topic of this post.

How I got AdSense approval with my new blog

I had this blog then called TechZino ( No need clicking the address because the blog is no more existent. As you might have guessed, it is a tech blog. It talked about smartphones.

Step 1 to my AdSense approval: Content

After launching the blog, I created two basic pages, namely Contact Us and About Us. Then I started publishing posts on a regular basis. I also made about 3 YouTube video reviews of Tecno phones. My YouTube channel email was the same email I later used for AdSense application. I also linked the videos to my blog posts.

Step 2 to my AdSense approval: Applying for AdSense

After about 3 weeks after I launched TechZino, I applied for Google AdSense. Based on what I have read about Google AdSense and how difficult it is to get AdSense approval (according to what people say), I wasn’t expecting Google to approve my application.

However, a couple of days later I got an email that I have been approved for AdSense program. Simple and short, and, that was it. But….

Why was it so easy for me to get AdSense approval?

My first answer is I don’t know. My second answer is “maybe it is always easy”, and my third answer is maybe I got AdSense approval due to:

Quality content

I wasn’t into “copy and paste” blogging. I try to write my own posts my own way with my original words. Even if the post is talking about something that is already there (and in most cases it did), I write the same thing in a different way – my own original content from an already existing content. There is no harm in copying. The only harm is “copy, paste, publish” without giving it some proper touch.

Also, if I quote a portion of someone else’s post I provide link to the source whenever necessary. I didn’t think it is every quotation I must provide a link back to the source.

Looking professional (or at least “serious”)

When I created techzino, I tried to be professional in the blogging thing. For example, I picked a nice theme with simple and nice design, the navigation was okay and the blog was fully functional.

Also, I created the basic pages which I think every serious blog should have. The pages are About Us and Contact Us pages.

The sad truth about Google AdSense: how much did I make?

The time I got AdSense with techzino the blog was making less than 200 page views per day. The less than 200 page views don’t even just come; instead, they are through the much efforts I put into promoting my content on social media. I wasn’t getting traffic from search engines.

Consequent upon the low traffic, the blog couldn’t make any reasonable amount of money from AdSense.

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Alright friend, that was my journey to AdSense approval. I want those that think that getting AdSense approval is hard to do away with that thinking. But, most importantly, traffic is essential because without good traffic AdSense will be nothing.

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To learn how AdSense works, visit Google AdSense official website: Google AdSense website

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  1. abiodunFebruary 17, 2018

    But no adsense on your blog? You just copied and paste this content here.

    1. ArinzeFebruary 17, 2018

      Maybe you should have checked other pages on my blog before making this inappropriate comment.

      Also, I don’t have to place ads on every page so I can prove to you I got AdSense approval a couple of years ago. I chose which of my blogs I monetize with AdSense.

      Typically Nigerian.


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