How to easily add “ads.txt” File to Google Blogger Blog

A step-by-step guide to help you easily add Ads.txt file to your Google Blogger blog with no mistakes. How to add ads.txt for Blogger blogs is simple and you can do it in a minute. This post will guide you on how to do that and also how to check if ads.txt has been properly added to your blog.

What is ads.txt file for?

Well, I have a simple answer for you: Adding ads.txt file (eg. For Google AdSense) to your blog or website is a way to publicly declare that Google is authorized to sell your ad inventory. It’s a way you declare that you approve of AdSense program for your blog.

I will list the steps involved in adding ads.txt file to Blogger and then show you in details how to do it, also with screenshots.

Steps to Add Ads.txt file to Google Blogger

  1. Click the Down Arrow Button at the top left of your Blogger blog
  2. Select the blog where you want add ads.txt file.
  3. Click the Settings button on the left
  4. Under “Settings,” click Search Preferences.
  5. Under “Monetization,” Click “Edit” where it says “Custom ads.txt”.
  6. Click Yes.
  7. Copy the text for the ads.txt from the ads program you want to add and paste it there.
  8. Click Save settings to finish the setup.

Now, let me SHOW you how this is done using Google AdSense as an example.

There are other programs similar to AdSense. But since AdSense is the most popular one, I will use AdSense in this example.

Note that the steps are the same whether it’s AdSense or any other ads program. The only difference is in the code you will paste into the ads.txt file.

Alright… First, how get your unique publisher ID from AdSense. See how to do it below:

Step 1: Login to Your AdSense account so you can copy your AdSense publisher ID

Step 2: In your AdSense account, click Settings:

AdSense Settings


Step 3: Click Account, then click Account information.

AdSense account information


Step 4: You will see your AdSense publisher ID there. Copy it:

AdSense publisher ID



Now we are done with AdSense. Let’s head over to Blogger

Step 5: Login to Google Blogger

Step 6: Click the Down Arrow Button located at the top left and select the blog where you want setup ads.txt for Google AdSense:

Select Blogger Blog


Step 7: Click the Settings button from the menu options on the left

Step 8: Under “Settings,” click Search Preferences:

Blogger Search Preferences

Step 9: Under “Monetization,” Click “Edit” where it says “Custom ads.txt”.

Time to get the text. See examples below….

Copy the text below and replace ONLY 0000000000000000 with NUMBER part of your publisher id you copied in step 4:, pub-0000000000000000, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

That is, REPLACE 0000000000000000 with the numbers in your publisher id. The “pub-” part of your id is already there, so only the number part is what you need to replace.

For example, if my publisher id is pub-1234567890123456 Then what I will have is:, pub-1234567890123456, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Step 10: Paste the resulting text (after you have replaced 000… with the numbers in your pub- id) into the “Custom ads.txt” edited in step 9:

Blogger ads.txt


Let me zoom in to make it larger:

Blogger ads.txt example


Step 11: Click Save settings to finish the setup.

Note again: 0000000000000000 is just an example. Replace it with the numbers in your publisher id.

How to check if ads.txt has been added to your website or blog

To confirm that ads.txt has been added to your blog, simply go to

For example, if your blog address is, then go to and you will see the stuff you pasted into the ads.txt file there. Please help me SHARE this post using the share buttons below. Thanks. That’s all. Congratulations!


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