How I increased my AdSense earnings with optimized placements

When you place your Google AdSense ads at the very right positions on your webpages the results likely is improved earnings all in accordance with AdSense policy.

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Here is how I optimized my AdSense placement

1. Limit your Ads to maximum of 6 per page

I normally make sure that I place a maximum of 6 Ads per page, this means every ads, including non-AdSense ads as well.

The benefit of this is you don’t cluster your page with ads… Many users don’t like webpages clustered with Ads.

So, having like 3, 4, 5 or at most 6 ads per page is not a rule of thumb but it’s ideal for better results which is user experience as well as earnings.

2. I position the first AdSense ads on the page at most strategic positions

So, I have read that Google serves the best ads first for every page AdSense codes are placed.

This means that the ads that appear first on the page most likely has highest earning potentials – CTR, CPC, etc.

So, you want to make sure that the first ads are properly positioned.

3. I tried different placements positions

Ultimately, you can easily tell the best positions to place ads on your page by trying different placement positions.

For example, I had an ad just before my posts… Although the ad had good CTR but I don’t like the way it positioned relative to my posts. So, I had to remove it.

Therefore, you need to experiment with different placement positions for your ads to determine which yields best result.

How to measure AdSense performance?

It’s simple: keep your eyes on the metrics in your AdSense dashboard, especially things like Impression CTR, CPC, and Ad Units performances.

Bottom line

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Important thing to note: always follows l AdSense best practices and stick to AdSense policy.



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