List of latest online businesses in Nigeria 2018 updated

Looking for a list of the top online businesses in Nigeria currently? You have come to the right place.freelancer because in this post I will list the lucrative online money making opportunities in Nigeria currently. The good thing is that this list of online businesses is always updated as trends in online businesses change, even though the trends don’t always change fast.

What to remember about making money with online businesses

We have seen businesses like Ultimate Cycler, MMM, etc come and go, but some online businesses have stood test of time. The reason for this is that legit businesses don’t die fas, and, they usually ensure steady income compared to “make quick money businesses. However, some of the legit online businesses may take some people weeks, months or even a year to build. That is, it may take some time before you start making reasonable amount of money from the business. So, don’t be so much in a hurry. Also, some may take a couple of day or weeks… It depends… Alright, without any delay, below are the list of online businesses in Nigeria.

Note: If what you want how to make money online in Nigeria with the best online businesses in Nigeria, please read this post: How to make money online in Nigeria.

List of online businesses in Nigeria

  1. Freelancing business at freelance websites like Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer, where you can offer different freelance services and get paid each time you do. See How to make money as a freelancer in Nigeria
  2. Blogging in money making niches: Read Blogging for money in Nigeria
  3. Education blog: this blog niche has a lot of audience. You can still fit in to it.
  4. Make money with Google AdSense: use AdSense to monetize your Blogger, YouTube, self-hosted WordPress blog, etc. See how I easily got AdSense approval
  5. Help others make money: if you can share invaluable information that can help people make money, then this blog niche can also fetch you a lot of money as well.
  6. Fashion blog: provide fashion and beauty tips
  7. Affiliate marketing: promote other people’s products and services and earn money for every sales completed. Read 5 Steps to make money with affiliate marketing in Nigeria
  8. Social media marketing: help businesses market their products on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc., and get paid well for your effective marketing efforts.
  9. SEO services: help companies, businesses and individuals rank their websites high on Google and other search engines
  10. Email marketing: build loyal customers with email lists. “Money is in the list.”
  11. Sell your own digital products like eBooks, videos, etc.
  12. Be a graphic designer: offer services like logo design, web design, banners, business cards, etc.
  13. Web development business: build websites, fix and upgrade existing websites. Knowledge of WordPress is essential here. Discover 5 Ways to make money with web design/developer freelancing in Nigeria
  14. Entertainment and celebrity gossip blog: make money by getting and sharing the latest in entertainment industries and on popular celebrities.
  15. Start an e-commerce: start a small online store where you sell carefully selected physical products to people in your city. You don’t need to compete with Konga and Jumia unless you have huge capital to invest. Hence, carve out a smaller space for yourself and serve them best. Recommended: 5 Success tips for starting E-Commerce business in Nigeria
  16. Web design: design websites, landing pages, etc for clients.
  17. Build and sell WordPress plugins: imagine how many people will buy your useful WordPress plugin if you can create one! Also read Top 4 ways for WordPress developers to make money in Nigeria


Alright guys, that is it on the best online businesses in Nigeria currently. You think I missed any businesses? Please feel free to drop that in the comment box below. Which of the online businesses are you into or would like to go into? Please leave a comment below and, share this post. Thanks.


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