85+ Lucrative business ideas in Nigeria with little or no capital 2018

Best business ideas in Nigeria, including many businesses you can start small or no capital requirements. Explore many lucrative businesses in Nigeria. There is nothing like having your own business, even if it is a small business. “Be your own boss” is the dream of every smart entrepreneur.

Why you need to have your own business

Entrepreneurship & Career MotivationThe thing is that almost everyone wish to have their own business but, only few do take any serious step to building their own business. Most people just wish and fantasize. They just wish they have their own business. Some are just comfortable with their monthly salary, even if they are not earning something tangible, they still prefer to stay like that because they couldn’t muster the courage to start their own business. Some people just don’t want stress; they don’t want to take risks, hence, they would rather stay in their comfort zone. But, how comfortable are “comfort zones”?

Benefits of having your own business:

There are many benefits of having your own business. Indeed, this does not mean to say there not challenges as well.

Usually, the major challenge of venturing into a business is not knowing whether the business will succeed or not. Also, for some businesses that need finding a place, an office, or store, etc., this can be another challenge that discourage a lot of people.

However, the benefits of having your own business outweighs the challenges. You have to know that nothing good comes easy. And, there is no way you can succeed if you don’t start. Shrug off your fears and look at brighter sides of things for once.

What are those benefits of having your own business? Here are some:

  • Make your own business decisions
  • Bear your own risks instead of those of someone else
  • Be your own boss
  • Expand and grow instead of having a fixed monthly income
  • No more worrying of getting fired or loosing your job
  • You get to help people with the services you offer
  • Your time becomes more flexible, allowing you to do certain things at your own best time
  • Etc.

Who needs these lucrative business ideas?

Entrepreneurship & Career MotivationIf you are that person who wants to have her own business and would like to get some ideas on some of the lucrative businesses one can start in Nigeria with little or no capital, this post is for you.

In this post, I want to share with you lucrative business ideas you can start here in Nigeria with little or no capital. Some of these businesses simply requires skills you can learn and master within a couple of months. The beauty of having lucrative skills is that businesses can easily fail, jobs can easily fail but, a valuable skill hardly fails.

Without further ado, below are some of the lucrative business ideas I have gathered for you in this post. Know which one will work for you or in your location.

Content of this post

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  1. Education related business ideas in Nigeria
  2. Internet and ICT based business ideas in Nigeria
  3. Profitable AGRICULTURE based business ideas in Nigeria
  4. Handwork/craft business ideas in Nigeria
  5. Small scale manufacturing/production business ideas in Nigeria
  6. More profitable business ideas in Nigeria in different categories

Proper business plan is simply indispensable!

Note: Before you venture into any of the business ideas in this post, you need to do more in depth research and have a good business plan. This is something you cannot do without. Business plan will help you analyse and validate the business ideaknow its profit potentials as well, and more.

Education related business ideas in Nigeria

» JAMB, WAEC, NECO, GCE tutorials center business

The millions of secondary school students in every part of Nigeria every year means a lot of business opportunities in education sector. One of such lucrative businesses which requires low capital investment is lesson centers for O’level students and JAMBites or admission seekers across the country.

What you’ll need for opening a lesson center in Nigeria is a good location and teachers (usually graduates from our higher institutions) that can deliver quality service. A good location is usually one located at a place not far from one or more secondary schools. Your target “customers” are secondary school students. This is why making sure your lesson center is located near a school or schools will be a great idea.

» Start a child daycare services

Do you like caring for kids? In child daycare, your duty is to take care of preschool children and school children as well outside of school hours.

Many parents are looking would appreciate a competent and reliable person that can take care of their infants or preschool children while they go to work or go about their daily business, and they are willing to pay for such services.

But, before you start a child care business in Nigeria, make sure you find out the legal process involved. Are there certifications and registrations involved? There certainly should be. So, you want to make sure that everything is in order before you get started to avoid any tussle with government agencies along the way.

» Graphics and web design school

Web and graphics are undoubtedly two among those “hot skills” that are in high demand today. Because of this trend, a lot of Nigerians, especially the youths are looking to acquire these lucrative skills.

As an entrepreneur, you can open a graphics or web design school and make money while teaching people these great skills. Even if you are not an expert in graphic design, you can employ someone to do the teaching while you take care of other things like publicity and management works. In fact, you’ll surely need some competent hands because it is not something one person can handle.

» Programming/software development schools

ICT is  the present and the future as well. Software market has continued to grow over the years. But, the fact about Nigeria is that ICT is still very largely under-exploited. One of the reasons behind this is that we don’t enough competent hands with good software skills in Nigeria. In other words, there are not many ICT experts and software developers in Nigeria.

Interestingly however, many of our young ones have discovered that ICT is the current and next oil and gas, hence, quite a number of them have started seeking to learn one ICT skills or the other.

A smart entrepreneur can key in to this demand for software skills and make money by offering quality programming and software development training for Nigerian youths who are in dire need of it.

» Sell scarce educational and career prep materials online

JAMB past questions are usually not scarce, but, there are many other educational materials that people usually search for but can’t find it. This include job recruitment past questions of some companies, post-UTME past questions of various higher institutions in Nigeria, educational tools like CBT mock exam software, job interview questions, government jobs and programs like N-Power questions, etc.

Take your time to find out those career boosting and educational tools Nigerians are searching for; create a blog in that niche and use that channel to attract the right kind of visitors and sell such materials to them.

» “Business center” inside or near schools

Business center business is going down gradually given that smartphones are getting smarter on daily basis. For example, anyone can use their smartphones now and scan their document. Also, laptops are gradually becoming common, especially among university students.

However, there are still so many people requiring the services of “business centers”, especially in and around school environments. Much large percentage of Nigeria students don’t have their personal computers. Also, most O’level and JAMB students don’t have their own computer and will sure need the services of business centers.

What you want to do here is to find such a place where there is high demand of business center, find yourself a small space, set two or three computer there and perhaps get one person to work with you.

Internet and ICT based business ideas in Nigeria

» Make money as a writer

Do you have good writing skills? Why not make money with that awesome skill of yours? A lot of writing careers and jobs are online, including writing your own eBooks, writing sales copy, reviews, articles, etc. You can even make a reasonable amount of money as a writer at freelance websites like Upwork, Fiverr and Freelancer. Those are just three among various freelance websites for writers. Great writers are scarce. This is why their services are well remunerated.

» Start a web development freelance business

Web development skills takes time to build but, a competent web developer has a number of promising money making opportunities waiting for him.

One of the ways you can make money in Nigeria as web developer is by starting a freelance web development company of your own.

What will it take you to start a web development business of your own? You need to have developed the skills, this includes being competent is technologies like HTML, CSS, and web hosting, as well as being proficient in one or more web programming languages like JavaScript, PHP, .NET/.NET MVC/.NET Core, Python, etc.

With those web development skills, the next thing is to create your own website first. This will help you connect with potential clients as well as organize you business properly.

After that, you need to get your name out there. Explore every means, online and offline to let people know about you and services you offer.

» Make money with graphic design

Even if you don’t already have graphic design skills, it is something you can learn and can even master it within a couple of months depending how you are “aligned” with design.

With good graphic design skills, you can make money in Nigeria through different means. For example, you can start your own graphic design company. Find yourself a good place in your city. Even if you don’t live in a city, Internet can make location irrelevant for your graphic design business if the finished product you deliver are digital – like logo design, banners, flyers, etc.

» Make money in Nigeria with blogging

Blogging is suitable for those who can exercise patience and invest their time to build a steady source of income. Unlike some other online businesses, making steady income with blog usually take some time, especially if you are entirely new into it. I already created a comprehensive blogging tutorials for Nigeria and I urge you to read Blogging for in Nigeria.

» Start affiliate marketing business

Affiliate marketing is one the Internet based business that are easier to start if you are already a savvy internet user. This post will give you all the information you need to get started with successful affiliate marketing business: 5 Steps to make money with affiliate marketing in Nigeria

» Sell digital products online

You can equally make steady income by selling digital products online. The digital products can be courses, training, eBooks, videos, etc. The most important thing here is creating great digital products worth paying for.

» Sell cakes online

Every single day, especially on weekends, there are Nigerians cutting cakes at different locations. These include wedding cakes, birthday celebrations cakes, anniversary cakes, thanksgiving cakes, etc.

You can team up with the best cake bakers you can find and start an online store where people within your city can order and pay for cakes directly from your website and you deliver the cakes to their doorsteps or even venues.

» Make money with paid membership website

Paid membership site can be a steady source of income if you know how to set it up and get it running successfully. Don’t know what a membership site is or how to make money with a membership website in Nigeria? Read How to make money with paid membership websites in Nigeria

» Sell jewelry online or other items online

E-commerce doesn’t have to be a very large one like Konga or Jumia. Whenever some Nigerians think e-commerce, what comes into their minds are Jumia and Konga.

The thing is, you don’t have to start a big online store like Jumia. You just have to target a specific niche and try to dominate it. You can even target only a specific place, like the city you are living in instead of targeting every part of Nigeria.

Some of the things you can sell on such small e-commerce websites include jewelleries, handmade beads and footwear, etc.

» Start a digital marketing agency business

Every modern day company and businesses want to grow their online presence because they know that most of their customers are online. Internet is where the battle is fought and won or lost for many business.

Consequently, businesses, organizations and people alike are looking for competent digital marketers who can help them promote their brands and take their products and services straight yo their target customers.

You can be that invaluable digital marketer that businesses are looking for. Even if you don’t already have digital marketing skills, you can spend a couple of months to learn and master it and launch a career in digital marketing.

Recommended: 5 Success tips for starting E-Commerce business in Nigeria

» Make money from freelance websites

Freelance websites are like online marketplaces that connects sellers to buyers. Basically at such websites, you register and list the kind of services you offer. The freelance website is there to connect you with buyers (that is, those who want your services) and also facilitate payments between the buyers and sellers.

Learn how to make money online in Nigeria as a freelancer. Also, see the top freelance websites in Nigeria: 3 Best freelance websites in Nigeria

Profitable AGRICULTURE based business ideas in Nigeria

With government’s interest to boost the economy through agriculture, coupled with demand for agricultural products, there is no doubt that starting a business in agriculture would be a very wise move.

Even without the special interest the Nigerian government has shown towards agricultural, food or agriculture is one of those very important and indispensable need of every human society and, this is never going to change because for us to sustain life, we must eat.

Hence, investing in agriculture is equally rewarding and of utmost importance. But, what are those business ideas in agriculture that has the potential to yield profit? Below are some smart business ideas in agriculture.

  • Garri production business in Nigeria
  • Produce ice cream, yogurt
  • Start a poultry farming business in Nigeria
  • Produce custards
  • Make cupcakes, cakes, etc.
  • Start poultry feed production business
  • Open a small restaurant
  • Catfish farming business
  • Snail farming business
  • Start cake baking
  • Farm cassava and cocoyam
  • Start pig farming/piggery business
  • Palm oil production business in Nigeria
  • Poultry equipment and tools manufacturing business
  • Sell foodstuff
  • Mobile food truck business
  • Start plantain and potato chips production business
  • Sell foodstuff online
  • Open a bar
  • Tomato processing business
  • Open a fast food joint
  • Chicken and egg distribution/supply business
  • Sell perishables/vegetables in the market
  • Cassava processing business
  • Start horticulture business in Nigerian cities
  • Start rice farming business in Nigeria
  • Sell stock fish
  • Honey production business
  • Yam cultivation or processing business
  • Setup a machine where you grind grains and cereals
  • Bamboo stick production business

Handwork/craft business ideas in Nigeria

» Phone repairs

Everyone uses phones now, including Junior secondary schools. This means more demand for phone repairers who knows their work. No matter where you find yourself and an experienced phone repairer you can still make money with the business because there are tons of people who use phones in every part of Nigeria.

» Shoe making/production business

Shoe making business is booming in Aba that today Nigeria is exporting Aba made shoes. Whether you are in Aba, Lagos, Kano or any part of Nigeria, shoe-making skills can fetch you money. Why not learn to make shoes. Create your own brand, you come up with your own design, tweak and already existing design or simply copy designs that are already selling in the market.

» Graphic design business

With a laptop and a couple of month you can learn one of the hot ICT skills currently which is graphic design. You can start your own business where you design banners, flyers, logos, business cards, etc. You can as well work for software developers who are always looking for talented graphic designers to give their product the outstanding appearance it deserves.

» Learn software development

The beauty of software development is that it is that career where people care about what you know and what you can do, and not your paper qualification. This is a very lucrative skill that won’t disappoint in this computer age.

You can learn to build Android applications, web applications, desktop app, games, etc. There are many money making opportunities for a savvy software developer, especially in Nigeria where such skills are scarce.

» Laptop repairs

Personal computers are becoming common in Nigeria, especially among tertiary institution students, those in ICT and some civil servants. This means and increasing market for someone with proficiency in laptops repair.

» Electronic/electrical appliances repairs

This business have been fetching people money and the trend is not going to change. People use different kinds of electrical appliances in Nigeria, including air-conditioners, refrigerators, TV, etc. Every now and the those appliances need servicing or repairs. This is another business idea you can consider.

» Carpentry/Upholstery business

Most carpentry shops I come across are always busy cutting and joining, planing, smoothing, etc. Carpentry works are never going to die as long as we use chairs, tables, cupboards, wardrobes, beds, house roofing, etc. There are just many areas of carpentry that you can pick from; learn and start working.

» Beauty shop, makeup, Manicure business

Beauty shops is another business that gets many customers, even in remote villages. Different locations favour this business, including streets, in marketplace, in school campuses, etc. This is something you can learn even if you don’t already have the skills and get started with your own business.

» Hair braiding business

What makes Nigerian women stand out is that they always look good even at challenging economic conditions. This is something commendable. Also, it opens business opportunities for those who knows how to bring out the African beauty in Nigerians through stylish hair braiding. This business requires relatively low capital compared to salon. Why not learn to braid hairs?

» Barbing salon business

Whether we like it or not, our hair and beards will keep growing. We can’t cheat nature. This means that some people do go to barbing salon a couple of days in a week; some once in a week…

Barbing salon business is another business you can start with low capital. What is very important is you learning this skill and finding a good location.

Small scale manufacturing/production business ideas in Nigeria

» Soap and detergents production business

Many people search for soap making business in Nigeria. But, the fact is that only very few ever bothered to start this business. Soap production business is not something difficult to learn judging from some videos and articles on the topic which I do come across.

You can start a small soap production business even at your backyard. Go out are check your chances of supplying your soap to stores and sellers. Hire a knowledgeable person if you can’t do it or learn to do certain things it own your own. Always remember that a good business plan is indispensable to minimize chances of loosing money.

» Leather bag production business

There are leather bags out there. You have to add a tweak to it. Many people use different designs, including pictures of footballers, logos of football clubs, celebrities pictures, new designs, etc. You have to be creative and come up with something that can sell.

More small scale manufacturing business ideas for Nigerians

  • Produce bottle water and sachet water
  • Produce and sell fertilizers
  • Papers, notebooks production business
  • Manufacture plastic based products
  • Make children’s toys
  • Make handbags
  • Produce insecticides and pesticides
  • Start juice production business
  • Make tissue papers and serviettes
  • Produce nylon and paper bags
  • Start air freshener and perfume production business
  • Produce casings for mobile phones
  • Produce takeaway plates and disposable cups
  • Start a small paint production plant
  • Manufacture body creams
  • Produce pens

Profitable business ideas in Nigeria in different categories

» Match viewing center business

Every single day there matches are being played at different locations around the globe. As you know, many Nigerians are “mad” about football. This is why every time, especially on weekends you see guys trooping to any match-viewing centers in their area. There is hardly any match viewing center that don’t have people coming to watch match.

Even in rural areas, match viewing centers thrive. Setting up your own match viewing center isn’t something difficult to start if you can just find a good spot in your area that will be comfortable for guys. You should be busy collecting your money while they shout “Up Chelsea”, “Up Man-U”…

» Car wash business

Most people who have cars don’t really have time to wash their cars, instead, they look for a nearest car wash in their street on on the road they take regularly. Why not start you own car wash business?

» Rental business

Car rental; canopy, generator, plates, pots for ceremonies, farming equipment, and many other things people like to rent instead of buying them falls under this business category. What you’ll need is the capital to get started. Then you want to let everyone know about your rental services.

» Dry-cleaning business

Dry cleaning business is another business idea you can consider. This kind of business is most suitable in cities, especially areas that have residents with average or above average income earners.

» Gym center business

Some are interested in building “6 pack”, some want to loose weight, some just care about the health benefits of it. Whatever the case, your own as a business person is to provide adequate facility and staff if you are not experienced in health and fitness. Help people with their health and fitness needs and and make the money.

» More business ideas

  • Waste recycling business
  • Logistics/Courier service business
  • Transportation business


Business involves risks just like every other thing we do in life. But without those risks success cannot come. Not all businesses will work for everyone. A lot of factors, like location, demography, security, government policies, competitors, etc. can determine if a business will survive or fail.

However, the most significant of those factors that will determine if your business will succeed is you. You are the architect, the planner and executor. Always remember to evaluate a business idea before getting started. Please share this post. Thanks.


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