How to make money with your eBooks in 2018

Can you write? And by writing, I don’t mean writing “anything”, but being a good, engaging writer? Writing and selling your own eBook is yet another way you can make money online in.
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There are different things you can write an eBook on – health, business, relationship, SEO, fitness, etc. The possibilities are unlimited when it comes to writing, but the challenge when it comes to making money with eBooks is being able to write one that sells and being able to get it to potential customers. Are you interested in knowing how you can make money writing your own eBooks? Then, I have some nice suggestions for you. Read on…

How to make an eBook that sells

An eBook can generate huge income if done well. It costs very little or even money at all to make an eBook, yet, when done well, the earning potential can be very high. The interesting thing is that you don’t even run out of supply of it and you don’t have to beg anyone to get you published.

In addition to eBooks being a great way people make money online, people create eBooks for different reasons. The reasons depend on what your primary goal is. It can be to make money directly from eBook sales, to promote your business or your online presence, to add a new revenue stream to your online businesses, to get pre-loyal subscribers to your blog, to market a product, company or business, to promote a social cause, to create awareness, to campaign for support on something, or teach and educate people on a particular thing.

But if you want to make money selling your own eBook you have to put in the right effort to create something that makes a difference and, how effective your eBook will be in achieving your goals will depend a lot on creating one that can really get people’s attention and interest. If you are placing an eBook for sale, it has to be something worth the money spent on it, especially in terms of quality.

How to make money online writing and selling your own eBook

Do market research

The first thing you need is to do some market research to see if the demand for the subject you want to write about is actually there. Also, access your competition and know who are into the same niche you with you already. As a beginner who is yet to build that great reputation for yourself, you want to find a niche that is high in demand but doesn’t have very stiff competition.

Who are your target audience?

Find out whom your target audience is. Think about their language, age, sex and location. Think about their income levels and career paths and the topics that they might like to read about in your eBook.

Come up with a killer topic and title, and the right keywords

Writing an eBook that sells involves knowing the right keywords to use. In short of it, the right keywords are those that are popular. Use tools like Google Keyword Planner to find the right keywords. The goal is to get a good estimate of how many people that are searching for your topic. The more the number of people searching for those keywords, the better. You don’t want to create an eBook on a topic that no one cares about.

Make your eBook reader friendly

This is a very important part of creating a successful eBook. You need to make your eBook such that people can even scan through it and get the main points, and appreciate the proper formatting and nice presentation. Make the size small so that people will not have to download an eBook of several MB.

Therefore, to ensure best reader experience, you need to put the following into consideration:

» Format your eBook properly using paragraphs, lists and breaks, etc.
» Use two or three types of headers
» Use a safe font style
» Use simple colors
» Better to get someone to proofread your eBook. However, you can do it yourself
» Make a quality and nice eBook cover
» Convert to a PDF format
» Keep the size below 1MB

How to promote and sell your own eBook

After making that awesome eBook, you want to know how you can go ahead and get it across to your target audience (buyers). Some ways you can do this include:

» Promote your eBooks on your blog
» Use Google or Facebook Ads to take your eBook to your audience
» Promote your eBook via your email list
» Promote your eBook on social media
» Promote your eBook through affiliate marketers

Where to sell your eBook

When it comes to selling yoir ebooks, there are many options you can choose from. Some of the popular options are listed below. Apart from your own blog or email list, you can sell your ebooks at different other websites. Each websites have their own procedure, but the processes are generally simple. Now, where can you sell your ebooks?

» Your own WordPress blog
» Sell your eBook via your email list
» Etc.
The options available are many. You Google for more websites where you can sell your ebook.

Alright friend, that’s it about how you can get started with making money online y selling yoir ebooks. Any questions, comments, suggestions? Drop a comment, and please share this post. Thanks


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