How to make money online in Nigeria in 2018

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  1. In this post I to share with you the best online businesses in Nigeria currently.
  2. This tutorial is free and will try to deliver up-to-date information that is better than some fancy packaged eBooks out there.
  3. This tutorial is based on my experiences in my own area of online businesses, and in-depth research in other areas of online businesses which I am not actively into.
  4. I try to always update this post (as the trends in online businesses change) so you can save yourself the time and energy you could have spent searching for relevant and current online business tips.
  5. This is not a “make $1000 per day extravaganza!” like they use to to make you buy their eBooks or online courses. Don’t be deceived by some who show doctored screenshots of $1,000,000 they made.

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The first thing to know about making money online

Do you know the most important thing about successful online business? It is not just hard work, it is also not huge capital, it is not reading an eBook or posts like this one… It is the mindset!

The right mindset!

That’s true: Having the right mindset towards making money online is perhaps the most important thing that will make or mar your efforts. It all starts from the mind. Unfortunately, many people, especially Nigerians, have adopted the wrong kind of mindsets when it comes to online businesses. What are the wrong and the right kind of mindsets?

The wrong mindset: Make quick money mindset

There is this quick money mindset: Many think (or has been made to think) that online businesses are easy way to make quick money. This mindset is not only bad but deceptive! How?

Deceptive because it has caused a lot of people frustration and made them quite in their attempt to make money online prematurely. When you have been made to believe that you can start making quick money online and you jump right into it beliwving so, the next thing that usually follows are disappointments and discouragements.

A lot of gullible “gurus” on the Internet want to make you feel good by telling you things you want to hear but which don’t really work. They want to make you believe that .com life (like the John Chow) is easy. The popular slogan is “Make money while sleeping”. But how?

Indeed, there are some who make quick money online. This is not always easy. Also, some of those “make quick money businesses” are usually not legit, or can’t guarantee any steady and reliable income on the long run. In some it is even easier to lose your hard earned money than it is to make profits. Those who lost in the game of MMM, Ultimate Cycler, etc. can relate to what I’m trying to explain here. A lot of people made money from these programs, but, so much more people lost.

Note that if making money online is so easy as many self-acclaimed “online business gurus” make people believe, everybody would be doing it. In fact, many Nigerians will dump their low paying jobs and switch to Internet entrepreneurship.

The right mindset: The fact about making steady income online

As for me, being a freelance developer, Internet has made it easy for me to network and find clients. Blogging is also part of it for me but, buidling web and mobile apps/software has been my primary focus.

So, people make legit money online (directly or indirectly) and you too can. A few things to help you cultivate the right mindet about online businesses:

  • Online businesses are just like any other kind of business. Hence, you have to take it serious and treat it like a business which it is,
  • With the right approach to it you will make money online, but with the wrong approach the business is likely not to yield good results,
  • Some of the best online businesses that guarantees steady income on the long run usually requires time to build. In other words, you have to be patient,
  • learn what works and note what doesn’t work. Invest some of your time in learning things that will help you succeed as an Internet entrepreneur, don’t see it as trivial something,
  • make friends (not enemies) with other likeminded Internet entrepreneurs (believe me, you don’t want to go about everything alone),
  • help others with the knowledge you have, no matter how little: you don’t want to be selfish like many other Nigerians. Selfishness and stinginess with information is one of the reasons we a lagging behind Americans and Indians in online businesses. Many don’t want to share what they have because they don’t want you to succeed. Unfortunately, they don’t know that Internet is too large for a few persons.

Alright friend, with this mindset thing I have tried to achieve one goal: to help you understand the realities on ground so as to help you get started on the right foot and right mindset towards making money online. Always have those with you as you progress and DON’T QUIT TOO FAST!

How to make money online in Nigeria

Now that you’ve got the right mindset required to make money online, let’s explore different money making opportunities we have.

There are tons of online businesses on the Internet, however, not all these Internet businesses have the high money making potential. Hence, we will focus on those ones that have better chances of succeeding in Nigeria.

Make money online at freelance websites

Freelancing business is one of the best online businesses in Nigeria today. Don’t know about freelancing businesses? Have you heard thingd like “”, “” or “” before? If you haven’t, those are the popular among most online freelancers in Nigeria.

Freelance websites are websites where you can make money by offering different kinds of services. You simply register on those websites and start offering whatever kind of services depending on your skills.

How can you make money from freelance websites? You get paid each time you deliver any of services you offer. These websites are legit and they pay.

What can you sell on freelance website?
There are thousands of services you can make offer at freelance websites, ranging from things as simple as dropping comments on your client’s blog to bigger things like developing a software for your client. So, no matter the kind of skills you have, you can still find a handful of services you can sell on such website.

Best freelance websites in Nigeria

There are many freelance websites however, the top three for Nigerians currently are, and

Did you know that the first sale I made on Fiverr was just to drop comments on a website for one American lady? See the page and comments (if it is still there): visit page

Fiverr was so popular. I was curious and wanted to see how it works. I never bothered about those freelance websites anyway… But, I tried Fiverr with that simple service and it worked. You too can give it a try.

If you need assistance on how to create Fiverr account, please drop a comment. You can also learn more on how to make money from freelance websites in Nigeria: How to make money as a freelancer in Nigeria

Important tips about blogging for money in Nigeria

When it comes to blogging, go for one thing: pick a niche where there is money and traffic is. You see, they will tell to always follow your passion. Very good however, what if there is very little or no money in that niche? What is it is too competitive for you? This is why I always advice people to follow the money and where you can have a share of the huge traffic first. Then add passion to it. But if you can find both passion, money and traffic niche, nothing beats that.

I strongly recommend you learn the important basics about blogging here: Blogging for money in Nigeria

Make money online by helping others make money

Do you have knowledge of something that can help our fellow Nigerians earn at least some extra income? If you do bro, sis, we all will appreciate that, especially in this recession time.

Successful entrepreneurs know that the secret of making money lies on being able to solve other people problems. One of the biggest challenges people face is financial. If you can help them make even a few Naira, you have solved a lot of problem from which you too can make money.

I remember one Mr. Victor Ekpo Bassey I met during West Africa Bloggers Conference, Lagos 2015. Mr. Victor is one of those who help young entrepreneurs through his professional guidance and advice. Does he have a blog? not any I know of. I know he has a Facebook Group then called Highly Paid Experts Network (HPEN). How he makes cool money by huiding other entrepreneurs another story altogether… So, what is it that you have knowledge of which can help elevate the financial status of an average Nigerian out there?

Give out those information in return for profite from thingd like online courses, eBooks, tutorials, blogs, etc. You can even create your own paid membership website for this: Read make money paid membership.

Write and sell eBooks online

If you can write a great eBook that sells, can you run out of copies of it after 10,000 sales? No! What if you have 5 eBooks that sells?

Start getting the point… If you can solve certain problems for people, this may be the right time for you to put those solutions into writing. You can make a lot of money selling your own eBooks online. Note, the keyword here is to solve problems. People will buy an eBook that solves their problems.

Please, don’t write all your fantasies hoping that it will sell. If you want to write a free eBook, no problem; but if you want people to bring out their hard earned money to buy your eBook then it has to be a book that solves their problems.

This problem you can solve can be anything. It can be practical guide teaching people how to plan their financial life; it can be relationships, it can be marketing, fiction, fun, etc. The key point is that it must be something worth paying for.

Learn more on how to go about making eBooks that sell: how to make money with eBooks

Start a health and fitness blog

If you are coming from the medical background or you have good knowledge in that field, this can be a good niche for you. The health and fitness niche is one of the so called evergreen niches. This is because this kind of niche never dies. It always has one problem or the other to address for all of us and we’ll always need it.

How can you make money in health niche? Apart from ads, you can also make money through consultations, guidiance, health and fitness programs for your subscribers, eBooks and more.

Make money with dating tips blog for Nigerians

Relationship, money and health are among the evergreen blog niches because these niches don’t die. There are many dating tips blogs on the Internet. The idea here is not to compete with them. Believe me, it will not be easy for a beginner to compete in this niche. However, what about dating tips blog specifically tailored towards Nigerians? Here you can beat the competition!

How to make money with dating tips blog? Your options for monetizing dating niche include digital products like eBooks, affiliate products, ads.

Make money with Education niche

Education niche is one of the best blog niches in Nigeria. JAMB alone gets millions of searches monthly (check Google Keyword Planner to confirm this). Education niche is broad, ranging from WAEC to JAMB and admission, scholarships, school news and education news in general. So, it might be difficult for a beginner to cover everything education. What you can do is pick a niche and start from there.

Tip: don’t ignore JAMB and school admissions niche!

How to make money with education blog? Education blogs usually rely on high volume of traffic, hence, one of their best blog monetization strategies in Google AdSense. Selling affiliate products is likely not to work here. In addition to AdSense, you can sell scarce materials like scarce post UTME past questions, scholarship past questions, etc.

Make money with affiliate marketing

In affiliate marketing you make money by promoting or selling other people’s products and services. You earn commission per sale completed through your marketing efforts. This commission is usually a percentage of the price of the product. For example, if the commission for a N100,000 smartphone is 5%, it means that whenever someone buys the smartphone through your marketing efforts you earn (5/100) * (100,000) = N5,000. Cool huh? But not that easy.

There are many affiliate programs you can choose from, including those in Nigeria like Jumia Affiliate program, Konga, etc. Learn more about affiliate program here: 5 Steps to make money with affiliate marketing in Nigeria

Start a beauty and fashion blog

Many people in this niche already? That could be a good sign! Want a topic that has no competition but has money in it? It is possible but good luck finding that these days. The secret of making money with fashion blog lies on the kind of traffic it can generate. Such blogs rely heavily on strong social media presence, YouTube channel, Google traffic, etc.

How to make money with fashion blog? Affiliate marketing can be good here! Also your own products (eBooks, physical products, tutorials, etc.). In addition, with the right amount of traffic you can make money through Google AdSense as well.

Make money as a graphic designer

Can you design logos, banners, business cards, etc.? If you are good in graphics, then you are in for serious business. Many graphic designers are freelancers. They are high in demand compared to other freelancers. In freelance websites like Fiverr, graphic design has continued to top the chart.

How to make money online as a graphic designer? You can start from freelance websites. Freelance websites can make it easy for you to start getting clients. Also, experience working for clients matters a lot even if you want to be on your own or get a job. So, gain the experience working for clients at freelance websites. If you want to establish your own business, you can do so later on.

Help people manage their finances

I don’t know how many good bloggers in Nigeria that are in this niche. Perhaps people neglect this or they don’t know it is a good niche? No matter how big or small our finances, we want to manage it properly. Not everyone knows how to manage properly. Also, anything finance, especially personal finance usually get people’s attention.

How to make money helping people manage their finances? Create a blog in that niche – for example ap ersonal finance blog. You can monetize the blog with your own digital products, or affiliate products, AdSense, etc. AdSense CPC will be relatively high here.

Make money with web development

Do you have knowledge of web development? If you can code in popular web languages like JavaScript, PHP, SQL, .NET, Python, etc., then you have a lot to offer. Creating WordPress websites, building landing pages for clients, custom web apps, etc…. there are so many opportunities for a professional web developer here in Nigeria.

How to make money as a web developer? Go freelancing or get a job. You can try freelancing sites like Fiverr and Upwork. WordPress and other web development jobs are popular there. Also read Top 4 ways for WordPress developers to make money in Nigeria

Make money with job listing website

There are few jobs in Nigeria; more reason so many Nigerians flood job listing websites searching for jobs. With proper business planning, you can start a job listing website of your own and make money from it.

How to make money with job listing site? Companies can pay to post/advertise jobs. Ads can be another good income source. Also, you can sell certain products or courses to job seekers – like how to prepare for interview, trainings, skill acquisitions, etc.

Make money with e-commerce business

e-commerce doesn’t have to be as big as Jumia or Konga. What if you can do something like that lady I came across her websites the other day did? She has an e-commerce website that sells different kinds of cakes to the residence in some parts of Lagos. Customers visit her site, order/pay for cake and the cake is delivered to them. You don’t have to copy her, but you can come up with something that will sell in your location.

See how to start a successful e-commerce business in Nigeria: 5 Success tips for starting E-Commerce business in Nigeria

How to build traffic (get many visitors) to your blog, website or online business

Starting a business is one step but getting visitors, clients or customers is another important step. How can you succeed is this second step? I have one some valuable tips for you:

Offer quality… and quality, and finally, quality

Quality makes the difference. It makes you stand out. It makes your customers like and appreciate what you do. So, no matter how professional you want to look with your “packaging”, quality should be the most important thing.

Always deliver quality. If it is freelancing, always deliver quality work fast, else, customers will rate you low and you are gone (ask those that deliver junk at freelance websites); if it is a blog, always deliver quality content; whatever business, quality first.

Know the following essential SEO (for blogs and websites)

Many people get scared when they hear the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO) because they think it is rocket science! Unfortunately, SEO is simple.

SEO is all about how to make your websites and its content appealing to search engines, especially Google. Many Internet users use Google to search for things and if your website appear at the front page of Google searches… your success is over multiplied!

At least, you need to know SEO essentials. Those essentials constitute about 85% SEO any website need. What are the SEO essentials you need?

Quality content: If you still think that quantity is the answer, you are doing outdated SEO! So, don’t copy the idea that the more the number of posts or content you publish, the better. This can only work if the contents are all of good quality. In other words, quality before quantity.

Google is smart. Google algorithm monitors the way people interact with your content and use that as a ranking factor. But, let’s not go into that. All you have to know is that Google ranks quality content.

Have fast loading website/blog: Users don’t like slow websites. Likewise, Google hate slow loading sites. Hence, make sure your website is optimized for speed.

Note: Google don’t reward fast loading websites; it only lowers the ranking of slow loading ones. In other words, of your website is slow your ranking will likely drop.

Focus on quality back-links: please don’t go to Fiverr and purchasea thousand junk links! Google is smarter than that. Focus on building quality relevant links only. Quality is better than quantity.

Also, whenever necessary in your content, link to other great content in other quality websites. It helps.

Ensure your website offers great user experience: Make sure your site is easy to navigate, the links are working properly, etc.

Avoid abusive duplicate content: anyone who knows about SEO knows this however, it is still worth mentioning. Don’t be a copy and paste blogger. Where necessary, you may quote some portion of someone else’s content with a link to the source. That is allowed. The point is to avoid duplicate content as much as you can.

Hope for the best SEO results: at the end of your SEO efforts, whether your website will rank high on Google or not depends on Google itself. All you can do about SEO is follow the best practices and hope for the best.

Make money by showing support

They said Nigerians don’t help one another and that’s why Indians and Americans dominate the web. Is that true? It starts by you. If you would like others to appreciate your efforts and help you succeed, please help by sharing this post using the share buttons below this post. Thanks and… all the best.

Which money making opportunity to give a try?

Have you made up your mind yet on what online business to start? Please let us know by dropping a comment below.

Stay up to date, stay successful

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