How to Make Money Online in Nigeria Reading News

This is a simple and fun way you can make money online in Nigeria – Get paid to read news, doesn’t that sound like a lot of fun?

So the other day I stumbled into a website (Nigeria New Update) that claims to pay Nigerians for doing a very simple task: reading news and, I thought some of my friends who have been asking for easy ways to make money online in Nigeria might want to check this out.

Notice: I have not participated in this program. I am not sure I can make out time to give it a try either. But from the information I got from NNU website, I want to share with you how this works:

How the NNU program works

Actually, the “official name” given to this read new and get paid business is “N.I.P”.  N.I.P which stands for NNU Income Program. In this scheme, there are two ways the participants can earn money:

1. NARS: NNU Ad Revenue Sharing

In Ad Revenue Sharing, the participant gets his own share of NNU ad revenue. To qualify for this, “participant earns residual income by login in to their NNU account daily, reading news, comment, and even share assigned sponsored post on social media.”

2. NAP: NNU Affiliate Program

In NAP, you earn you earn 65.2% per person you introduce into the NNU program through your referral link. How to participate in NNU Affiliate program? “you are automatically an affiliate when your account get approved after registration.”

How To Register And Get Started with NNU NIP program

Note: Something caught my attention on NNU website where it says: “To join NNU community, you need to purchase NNU Income Program Pack with a token amount of N1,600 Naira only (one time payment).” For real?!!! I have not participated in this program, so I can’t tell if there are some hidden catches. I don’t even trust all these programs that ask you to purchase one “pack” or the other. Be wary of such. However, if you want to try it out, this is how to register:

To join NNU community, you need to purchase NNU Income Program Pack with a token amount of N1,600 Naira only (one time payment). Your application will only get approved when you have successfully purchase and pay for this pack. So make sure you have your N1,600 Naira ready before you proceed to registration.

1. To get started, click “Register Now” button below. This will take you to the checkout page where you will make payment for NNU Income Package.

2. Provide the required details and select your preferred payment method.

3. Currently, we have 2 payment options, online payment via voguepay and direct bank transfer.
If you wish to pay online using your card, voguepayment option will automatically be selected.
If you wish to pay via bank transfer, scroll down to select “Direct Bank Transfer” then click on make payment.

7. Once your transaction is successful (Online), or placed order, you will be redirected to a page where you will complete your registration.

More info on NNU NIP program

For full details about this program, please refer to NNU website here:


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