How to make money with paid membership websites in Nigeria 2018

Smart online entrepreneurs knows that having a successful paid membership website is one of the best online businesses that can generate good profit, even within a short period. However, the challenge is usually in being able to create a premium membership site with quality content worth paying for because how successful your membership site eventually becomes for you to see great results, you will need to offer something of value that people will be willing to pay for.

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In this post and later ones about paid membership sites, you will understand what websites are all about and how you can use them to make money online. Also, I’ll share with you some great tips about running a successful membership site, as well as tips I gathered from people in this niche who have recorded both successes and failures running their own membership sites. You will agree with me that there is no better way to learn about any online business than to get firsthand tips and guides from those who have had the experience in it. Hence, if you want to start and run a successful paid online program, I suggest you spend a little amount of your time reading this post.

What is a paid membership website?

This is a kind of website where you who is running it will be providing quality content, products, services or training for people who are members of your site, and you do these for a monthly or annual membership fee from the members.

Simply put, in running such online business, you’ve to set up a website where you can great contents in form of like articles, videos, infographics, eBooks, etc., and the people who are members of your site will have to pay a certain amount of money to you periodically to have access to those great contents you give.

For instance, let’s assume you have good knowledge of health and fitness for pregnant women, you can create a subscription based website where you give pregnant women with invaluable and correct tips that will benefit their health and fitness. In return, they pay you on monthly basis.

How much can you make with a paid membership site?

Let me start by pointing it out that making money shouldn’t be primary goal  of starting this online business. Give people something of value; something worth paying for.

Alright, how much can a membership website make? Well, it depends. Assuming you run a N2500 per month membership site with just 100 members, what will that amount to every month? That will amount to N250,000 per month. What if you have 1000 members paying as little as N500 a month, you make N500,000 every month! I’m sure by now you are getting the gist. So, it all depends on the amount you charge and the number of subscribers to your program.

Alright friend, that was just an introduction to Paid Membership site. For your next steps? Read these two articles in this order: How to create a successful paid membership website AND » Tips for running a successful paid membership site

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