7 Most profitable livestock farming businesses in Nigeria 2018

Looking for the most lucrative small business investment opportunities in livestock farming in Nigeria? You’re are on the right page. So, based on my research I was able to gather some of the small business opportunities in livestock farming niche which you can invest in and be almost 100% sure of profits.

One of the reasons some people don’t venture into livestock farming is because of the labor involved. But the fact is that there is no way to make money that is easy. Remember, if making money were easy, everyone would be rich. So, get your hands to work and become the successful entrepreneur you want to be.


So, What are the lucrative livestock farming business opportunities in Nigeria currently?

Best livestock farming businesses in Nigeria

  • Pig farming
  • Goat farming
  • Poultry farming
  • Fish farming
  • Snail farming
  • Cattle farming
  • Rabbit farming

Pig farming business

Religious belief of some Nigerians aside, pig farming is one of the best livestock farming business in Nigeria. More and more Nigerians are getting used to pork (pig meat) plus all its health benefits. This is why starting a pig farming business in Nigeria will surely pay off.

Goat farming

Almost everyone eats goat meat. Goat farming has been a lucrative business in Nigeria as far back as one can remember. Goat meat sells in Nigerian market, really well making it a sure business for the determined entrepreneur who knows what it takes to rear goats.

Poultry farming

Poultry farming is perhaps the most popular livestock farming business in Nigeria. A lot of people are making serious income from poultry farming even when many others are struggling with it.

Poultry farming is a very promising business in Nigeria. You can make money from egg production, hatchery production, mature birds, etc.

Fish farming business

Almost every Nigeria consumes fish every day (knowingly or unknowingly). Dry fish, point and kill, etc, we have different varieties of it.

Fish is very high on demand because most people like it. Also, those running away from meat like beef use fish as the best alternative.

Snail farming

Not many Nigerians knows how to tap into this business, but all it needs is learning. Learn how others are making huge income from rearing snails, discover your market for it and start earning handsomely from snail farming.

Cattle farming

Cattle farming is very common in northern parts if Nigeria, however, this is a lucrative business that anyone can invest in. Milk productions, beef, cow hide, cow horns, bones, hooves are some of the products we can get from cattle.

Rabbit farming

Rabbit farming has also gained popularity in Nigeria. This business requires less capital compared to other livestock farming businesses in Nigeria and, the profit potential in rabbit farming is quite high.

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