How to start affiliate marketing without money in Nigeria

Want to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria but has no money to invest in that? Nothing to worry, you can make money online with online affiliate marketing without spending a dime. This post is to help you start making money online in with this lucrative online business Nigeria with no capital investment.

This is how to do it.

Setup a free blog for your affiliate marketing business

I want to believe you already know what affiliate marketing is and how to make money from it, else, see the you should first understand the basic things about affiliate marketing, here: 5 Steps to make money online in Nigeria with affiliate marketing,
After thay, the next step is to have your own blog so you can get started with the business.

But, how can you have a blog and not spend money? Well, not a problem. There are free platforms where you can create a blog without spending a dime. I mean, they are 100% free. Among the free options available to you, Google Blogger is the best choice for building a 100% free blog. See how to create a FREE blog with Google Blogger.

Did you know that the richest blogger in Nigeria, Linda Ikeji (a.k.a Nigeria’s queen of bloggers) is using this FREE Google blogger?

Learn the essential things about blogging

Blog is your marketplace as an affiliate marketer. It is your most important tool. It is your office. You must know how to run a successful blog if you want to succeed in affiliate marketing. Hence, I urge you to read this: Blogging for money in Nigeria

Signup for affiliate marketing programs in your niche

Now that you have learnt essential things about blogging and your blog is up and running, the next step is to sign up for the affiliate marketing programs Nigerians have access to.

The best strategy to use here is to find popular products (brands/products that sell) that best suits your blog niche. For example, if your blog talks about skin care, you might want to look for affiliate programs that have skin care products; if it is about web design or web hosting, you should go for affiliate programs from web hosting companies and domain registrars.

Why is this important? Affiliate marketing works best when both your blog niche and the affiliate products you promote appeal to the same audience. Also, it is easier to make money from products that are popular than trying to promote ones that don’t sell.

Best affiliate marketing programs for Nigerians

Although some of the best affiliate marketing programs out there in the web doesn’t work really well for Nigerians due to some restrictions, especially when it comes to getting the money earned from the business into your Nigerian bank account, there are still some affiliate programs you can make money from here in Nigeria. Some of the top affiliate marketing programs you might want to consider include:

»Jumia affiliate program. Make money with Jumia affiliate program
» Konga affiliate program
» Kaymu affiliate marketing program
» Dealdey affiliate program

Other affiliate programs in Nigeria

» Web4Africa affiliate program
» Wakanow affiliate program
» Aliexpress affiliate program
» Grammarly affiliate program
» Finddigitaltools reseller affiliate program
» Etc.

Foreign affiliate programs for Nigerians

» Amazon affiliate programs
» Clickbank affiliate program
» Commission junction affiliate program
» ShareASale affiliate program
» MarketHealth affiliate program
» Etc.

Which affiliate program should you pick? Well, what I have listed here are the popular affiliate programs we have in Nigeria. But, like I said earlier, the best you can do is pick one that have products or services that will best suite your blog niche.  But of utmost importance is this, try marketing great and popular products and services. They are easier to market and make sales. If you are not sure which products to pick to pick among the popular products in your niche, experiment with a number of them and find out the ones that work best for you.

Use free alternatives to paid advertising to grow your online business

Now that you have picked a couple of affiliate programs that will work for you, the next steps will be how to take your business to the next level. Apart from quality content, you also want to market or promote your blog and your affiliate links. You can use paid advertising to drive traffic to your website, but, why spend the money you don’t have in advertising?

Instead of paid marketing advertising, use free and EFFECTIVE strategies to build your traffic. These are methods you can use promote your business, blog, affiliate links, etc. online without spending a dime. In that note, discover Top 7 FREE & Effective ways to market your business online in Nigeria. In addition to that, proper SEO, fast loading blog and quality content will help your business a lot.

That’s all I have for you in this post. Please share this post. Happy affiliate marketing! Thanks.


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