Tips for running a successful paid membership site than makes real money

How can you make money with your membership site? In fact, how do you even get subscriber i the first place? You see, creating a membership site is one step, making it successful and profitable is another step you must take.

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Because it is an important step towards the success f your paid membership website, I will to share with you some tips I have gathered about running a successful membership site, as well as first hand information from those in the busi.

General tips for running a successful membership site

1. What is your topic and who are your ideal members?

The first step before creating a membership site is figuring out who your ideal members are. Also, what do you intend to offer with the site? What topic or niche do you intend to cover? Are you an expert in that niche? Who will be interested in your contents or tutorials?

You need to ask yourself those basic questions before starting out with creating your membership site. Determine what you want to offer and whom you want to make the offer to. This will help you create the right content and get the right members.

Showcase your expertise

To setup a membership site is one thing, but to convince people to subscribe to the site with their hard-earned money is another thing. People don’t throw money around on the internet. What they want to know is if what they are paying for is really worth it.

What this means is that, even if you are really convinced you are an “expert” in what you intend offer, your potential clients don’t know that, at least not yet. Hence, you have to find a way to make them believe you have something valuable to offer.

The first step will be to market yourself first! But, how you can market yourself?

There are many ways you can get your name out there; you have to figure it out. However, one of the strategies you can use to “convince” your potential subscribers and get them subscribing to your membership site is through an eBook. Now, there are other methods, but, ebooks is one of them.

You can write an eBook on the particular topic your membership site plans to focus on and sell it for a small price or simple give it out for free. “For free?” Yes, for free. What you want to do here is not to make money with the eBook, instead, you just want something that will get your name out there and showcase you as an expert in what you do. The eBooks doesn’t have to be very big, but just long enough to market yourself.

Tips from those with experience running a membership site

Learn from membership sites you belong to: “If you belong to a membership site that isn’t working perfectly for you, ask yourself what you would do differently.”

One of the best ways to create a successful membership site is by learning from being a member in such sites. This will offer you the opportunity to learn how things work, how to manage a membership site, what makes membership sites succeed and things that can pull it down. It is all about learning from the activities of those who are already running such websites.

Also, while being a subscriber to such membership sites, you should keep an eye on the level of engagement from members, knowing how they get involved and what appeals to them, what gets them confused, etc. This will help you understand the kind of content that most people seem to care much about and apply the strategies when creating your own site.

Interact and engage with members: “Although some membership sites are simply dripped feeds of content, with little or no input from the owner, members will have a much stronger reason to join if they know they’ll have insider access to you.”

It encourages the members more when they know you didn’t just create a “money making machine” and sit behind to collect all the money. Members want to connect with you, the “expert.” Therefore, you need to actively participate in the site. Conduct live seminar, interact with members oftentimes, provide contact forms and other necessary gadgets that will help you maintain that constant flow of communication with you members.

Run group events and challenges: “You don’t necessarily need to have a big event to get people involved — in fact, simple is probably better…. Have regular events, challenges, group courses, or similar. This might simply mean using existing materials in your membership site and going through them week by week.”

Give out free places: If you have audience members who you’d love to have on board, but who probably won’t be able to afford your fees, consider letting them in for free. They might be people who regularly leave thoughtful comments on your blog, or tweet your posts, or even write about you on their site.

ALI LUKE: Copyblogger

The idea here is making sure you don’t leave out those individuals who can contribute a lot to your membership site and help it grow. There may those individuals you know have the potential to be active members and help promote your membership site through their posts or on other social media platforms.

Therefore, if you have such persons that can add such value to your site but can’t afford the monthly subscription, you can allow them in for free or reduce the price for them.

Understand Your Members: Being able to understand your members and knowing what they want is very crucial for managing a successful membership site. You can understand what your members want by monitoring their behaviors, how they interact with your contents, or even asking them want they would prefer.

Note that when your members are not satisfied with what you offer, they will disappear, and that is definitely not what you want, or is it? What can make your members begin to leave can be something peculiar to the way you run your membership site.

Mr. Starak explained how he had to learn from those who quit from his program:

“As I gained feedback from the people who left I started to realize why they were quitting. Although there were lots of different variables at play, many of which I addressed slowly over time…. there was one major issue. My members did not like that my program had no end date. I needed to make a change.”
The Truth About Membership Sites _ Yaro Starak:

Conclusion and things to remember

In conclusion, I’ll like to point out some key points about running a successful paid membership site

Pick a niche you are a pro in: The very important first step is picking a topic you know very much about. Remember, you want to offer something that people will spend their hard-earned cash on, and if they are going to do that it has to be on something worth it. The membership site can be business coaching, health and fitness, affiliate marketing, etc., but the most important fact is that it is only when you are good in whatever topic it is you pick that you can be able to offer something worth paying for.

Spend time marketing yourself first: Especially as a beginner in running a membership site, among the first things you should do is marketing yourself first – letting people know who you are, what you are an expert on, and how much they can learn or benefit from you. It will be easier to get people to subscribe to your paid membership site if they know you are a “guru” in what the site discusses. People want to connect one-to- one with you – the expert, and that is the additional advantage membership site offers them – learning directly from the “guru.”

Satisfy your members first: Running a successful membership site shouldn’t be just about what you think is awesome; rather, it should be about what the members think is awesome. Offer great contents that is worth paying for. Some of the types of contents you can use to give your membership site a boost includes How-to posts, Lists, Excerpts from existing content, Case studies, Opinions/editorials, Reviews, Interviews, infographics, Podcasts and Videos.

Be professional: It is said that whatever that is worth doing is worth doing well. Therefore, spend time and, even money to setup your membership site. Simple and intuitive design – registration, membership renewal, payments, etc. Offer quality content – videos, articles, webinars, etc.

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