10 Most profitable blogging niches in Nigeria 2018

All blog niches are not equal when it comes to ability to get good traffic, and ability to generate revenue or make profit. Some say they don’t blog for money but for passion; I say I blog for both.

Talking about picking the right niche for starting a blog, there are literally thousands of topics or niches anyone can choose from. But, over the years and from the experiences and tips gurus in blogging have shared, we’ve come to discover that some niches usually get more traffic than others. Similarly, some niches make money compared to other niches.

The fact is that nobody wants to get stuck in a blog niche that doesn’t get traffic and doesn’t make money. That’s why it’s important you pick the PERFECT money making niche for your blog.

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Hottest blog niches in Nigeria

One of the easiest ways to discover hot niches for starting a blog is by doing keywords research or reading tutorials of those that have who have taken their time to do the research for you. If I were you I will go with the former option so I can be sure of things to avoid diving into a topic blindly.

However, I took a little of my time to find out some hottest blog niches in Nigeria based on search volume data from Google Keywords Planner, and other factors such as popular blogs (with much traffic) and their niches, analysis from other expert bloggers about which blog niches are the hottest, and common sense. Believe me, common sense is not common sometimes. Based on my findings, here are hot topics you can choose from if you are “too busy”? to take your time and do some research for yourself.

NOTE: Each of the topics listed below are made up of niches separated with commas. If you are going to pick a niche from my list below, I suggest you pick one of comma separated topics. For example, pick JAMB instead of Education as a whole; pick Dating tips instead of trying to cover everything about Relationships. You get the point?

JAMB Search Volume

List of most profitable blog niches in Nigeria:

  • Education: JAMB, WAEC, Admission, etc gets much traffic but lower AdSense CPC.
  • Entertainment: Celebrity gossip, Music, etc gets much traffic but requires constant posting of content.
  • Job and Recruitments: Job listing, trainings and recruitments, NYSC, NPower, Peace Corps, etc.
  • Technology: smartphone, browsing cheats, laptops, etc.
  • Business/Entrepreneurship: Business Ideas, Make money online, Blogging tutorials, MLM, Ponzi, etc.
  • Fashion: fashion trends, makeup, fashion tips, etc. You need strong social media presence in this niche.
  • Lifestyle: Can be anything, including travels, career, fashion, etc.
  • Relationships: Dating tips, relationship advice, wedding and marriage, etc.
  • Entrepreneurship: How to make money, personal finance, etc.
  • Health: Fitness, Nutrition, Body/Skin care, etc.


The thing is that people make money from a lot of different blog niches, many of which were not mentioned in this post. However, this post tries to highlight those blog niches in Nigeria that stands out either in terms of traffic or in money making potentials.

If you have decided to start a blog, see how to choose a perfect domain name for your blog. Is there any niche you think should be added or removed from there? Drop a comment and… Please share with others. Thanks


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4 thoughts on “10 Most profitable blogging niches in Nigeria 2018

  • August 29, 2017 at 9:35 pm

    I can’t agree more. Those are the hottest blog niches in Nigeria

  • October 7, 2017 at 11:27 am

    Well some of those website niches have a low cpc cost. You never mentioned blogging tutorials niche. Actually blogging tutorials niche, health niche, and education niche have the best if not the highest cpc bid on ads served.

    • February 12, 2018 at 7:10 pm

      Hello kenneth….are you a blogger


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