3 Best freelance websites in Nigeria 2018

Online freelancing websites are websites where freelancers offer different kinds of services and get paid each time they complete a sale. They are similar to online marketplaces with the basic difference being that online freelancing websites connect freelancers to buyers.

There are different kinds of services you can offer in such websites, including but not limited to logo design, business card design, flyers design, keywords research, voice acting, articles and blog posts writing, sales copy, proofreading articles, data entry, typing services and thousand other services. You can see Over 20 smart and top selling services in Fiverr online marketplace

Top 3 online marketplaces for Nigerian freelancers

There are many online marketplaces for freelancers out there on the web, but, when it comes to making money online from Nigeria in such websites, three of them stand out. Those three fetch many Nigerians thousands or hundreds of thousands per month. The three websites are:

Fiverr is currently the number one online freelancing website in Nigeria. One of the reasons Fiverr is so popular is because it can accommodate everyone, especially newbies in the freelancing market. If you are starting out with freelancing business, Fiverr won’t be a bad place to get started.

Upwork is sometimes seen as an online freelancing website for professional freelancers who want to up their games. Upwork is not as popular as Fiverr here in Nigeria, but, many professionals like it. Generally, services sell at higher rates at Upwork compared to Fiverr; however, Upwork isn’t ideal for a beginner. Also, Nigerian are making more money on Fiverr than in Upwork.

Freelancer is yet another popular online marketplace for freelancers in Nigeria. The way it works is similar to the other online marketplaces. However, both Fiverr and Upwork seems to be more popular here in Nigeria.

Comparing the 3 online marketplaces

Although the three online marketplaces work in the same way, there are still some features we can use to distinguish them, as summarized below:

» Features of Fiverr
– Here, all jobs are listed on the basic price of $5
– All kind of online jobs which can be done by the freelancers are available here
– Secure payment options
– Sometimes coupons are available to get the job done at reasonable rates

» Features of UpWork
– It has the most categories of different types of jobs listed
– Different payment options like PayPal, credit card, or bank account
– Great for businesses
– Coupons are available for UpWork also

» Features of Freelancer
– It has the most number of jobs posted for the freelancers
– Every second, new jobs are updated
– Customized filters to get the exact job you want or give.


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