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Top 7 FREE & Effective ways to market your business online in Nigeria

How to market your businesses, brands, products or services online from Nigeria when you don’t have the money to run ads, affiliate programs, etc? Don’t worry, there are alternative ways you can use to promote your business that are both effective and free. Interestingly, some are things or tools you are already familiar with.

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How to market your businesses online in Nigeria free of charge

1. Use Facebook to market your businesses

Facebook Page
Facebook is one of the free tools you can use to promote your businesses in Nigeria for free. One of the most effective ways you can do this is by creating a Facebook Page for the brand, product or business you want to promote.
Facebook Group
If what you want to promote requires more of interactivity, you should in addition consider creating a Facebook Group where you can try to connect with potential customers and be able to interact with them on a regular basis.

Don’t forget sharing your content to the Page and Group on a regular basis as that will help you get visible on Facebook. Also consider promoting your content on your timeline so your Facebook friends can also get to know about your business.

There are millions of Nigerians actively using Facebook, hence, if you’re looking to promote your business which targets Nigerian audience, Facebook is an indispensable tool you must use.

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2. Use blogging to promote your products and services

WordPress Dashboard
If your business has a website, you should also have a blog attached to the website. Blog is one of the most effective tools you can use to share in depth information about your business or brand and get targeted audience. You also have the flexibility to post any kind of content that will help you market your business without restrictions.

Also, remember that most Internet users use search engines to search for products and services. Having a blog offers you the chance to appear on Google searches and other search engines as well. In other words, you can use blog to bring targeted audience or potential customers to your website through search engines.

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3. Use Instagram for free to market your business in Nigeria

Instagram is yet another effective marketing tool businesses use to let the world know about them and what they do. Instagram is free, and, there are millions of Nigerians who use it, especially because of the fact that Facebook has given Instagram a boost.

Create Instagram account, regularly share content that will catch people’s attention, and, oftentimes share content about your business.

4. Promote your brand on LinkedIn

LinkedIn profile
LinkedIn connects professionals, and is a great tool you can use to let the world know about you and what you do.

LinkedIn has premium and free versions, but, with the free version, you have all the things you need to start promoting your brand.

Go to LinkedIn, create a profile that will present you as a professional you are. Start sharing contents and connecting with other professionals, businesses, and clients.

5. Promote your business on YouTube

YouTube is by far the number one video sharing website. But, more to that is that is is one of the best tools you can use to promote your businesses.

Create a YouTube channel. It is free because all you need is a Gmail account.

Ways you can promote your businesses on YouTube include video review of you products, information about how to use your products and anything you think that can connect your business to your potential customers.

6. Use Nairaland forum to promote you business

Nairaland Forum
Have you tried posting on Nairaland before? Nairaland is the number one online forum in Nigeria, with thousands of visitors on a daily basis. Give Nairaland a try and you will be surprised on the result you get.

Take your time, find a thread that is suitable for you business and craft out an engaging post that will get the desired responses.

7. Submit your business to online business directories

Business directory
An online business directory is a website that lists businesses, the address, contact details, and usually a brief detail about the business.

A good business directory website invests heavily on SEO so that whenever people search for a product or service, the business directory website might be among the first websites that will appear on the search engine results. This way people can visit the website and see your business details.

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Alright entrepreneur, that is the much I want to share in this post about ways you can promote your business online here in Nigeria. Note that this is not to say there are mo other methods, but, the methods listed in this post have been proven to be very effective for many businesses and brands.

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